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  1. Congratulations! My former supervisor got her masters from Baylor and really enjoyed her time there.
  2. Wow, that's interesting. i'm glad that you have other options. Which school are you going to choose?
  3. Hey all, I know a few of you had an interview at the end of June. How did they go???
  4. Thanks for this. I am waiting to hear back and hopefully get a chance to interview.
  5. That sort of makes me feel like they have made all their decisions......
  6. Oh my gosh! How exciting for you!!! Dallas campus, right? How did they notify you? Email, call? When is it? Sorry for all the questions....
  7. I emailed my enrollment advisor and she says my application is still under review for the Dallas Campus. I've been waiting 8 weeks on Tuesday. I hope I can at least get a chance to interview. Did you interview in person?
  8. Dang. I guess if they don't want you there the 2nd time they don't want you at all. Im still waiting.... I'm ready to just know. Im pretty doubtful now.
  9. Well.....if I'm not accepted....which it's looking that way bc I'm still waiting. I was told I can't reapply til fall 2020. I guess they want you to wait a year.
  10. Oh dang! I'm sorry. I've received plenty of those and they suck every time. As for your class, Aural Rehab, most schools are going to require it but it's pretty shady they pushed for you to take it with them. Are you still waiting on other schools? This school is my last hope for this application cycle.

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