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  1. I'm planning on applying to cycle 11 as well. Can't wait to get started.
  2. Hello, I am an SLP assistant in TX. When I applied it was not under TDLR yet but I am assuming the process is the same. For the observation hours, the school I went to did not offer the observation classes so I had to have a form signed by the director of the program. I think it was called a difficiency plan. Anyways, this was to prove that I couldn't get them through a class. Then I looked for a clinic that would allow me to come in and do my 25 direct and 25 indirect observation hours. This was not a paid position. They assigned me to an SLP and It took me three weeks to get all my hours done. The supervisor had to first sign paperwork and submit it. I think they get an email back approving it.....not sure. After you do all 50 hours, they fill out paper work that I believe you submit as a part of your application. I don't remember everything about the application but I can try and answer any other questions you have. Oh and when I was looking for an SLP to observe me I called clinics and asked to speak to the clinic director or manager and told them I was applying for my assistants license and wanted to know if they would allow me to do my observation hours with them. I got a lot of clinics saying no and then some clinics saying yes but they wanted me to sign a 3-5 year contract saying I was going to work there. Which I did not. I think they did this bc they put time into "training" you and then want something in return. The clinic that let me do hours with them did hire me after I got my license, which was fortunate. Anyways, hopefully this helps. It can definitely be a confusing process.
  3. So I guess I'm just waiting on a rejection letter bc I'm seeing on the results page that people are getting their acceptance letters. I just want to hear back already!
  4. Thanks for the info. I didn't even interview so I'm not really holding my breath for this. Kind of a bummer bc I've heard it was a good program.
  5. Congratulations! My former supervisor got her masters from Baylor and really enjoyed her time there.
  6. Wow, that's interesting. i'm glad that you have other options. Which school are you going to choose?
  7. Hey all, I know a few of you had an interview at the end of June. How did they go???
  8. Thanks for this. I am waiting to hear back and hopefully get a chance to interview.
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