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  1. I did not level, but as someone who is currently in TWU distance Cycle 10 program, almost half of the cohort did. I know from those in my region, 5 out of the 7 of us leveled through TWU and they completed the observation and direct therapy hours as a course through TWU this past spring, completing the course a couple of weeks before kick off week in Denton. The other girl and myself were already SLP-assistants and got our 25 hours of observation through Tech. We just completed the direct therapy when we were hired for our first SLP-A jobs. When I applied for my license, I had something like 60 days to complete my direct therapy but that’s changed since they switched to TDLR. Depends on what your plans are. I know you need to have certain courses completed by the time you apply for licensure but I don’t think it’s a set thing for your hours. If you plan on becoming a SLP, your observation hours MUST be university directed or you will need to take the course, regardless of your licensure. I had to submit to TWU a letter from Texas Tech HSC that had them done in their program so ASHA will accept them.
  2. Don’t let the competitiveness scare you. There are multiple components to admissions, such as diversity factors and letters of recommendations. Those can help boost your application!
  3. Oh Lord. Those are literally THE worst questions to ask. I mean, you obviously want to be a SLP to help people. Maybe you had experience receiving speech services, but so do several applicants. I understand your aggravation- I felt it too! I was like UMMMM you want me to put it down on 1 page and sell myself? I’m NOT good at selling myself! That’s not my strong suit at all. If you had prior experience with speech such as you received services or a family member did and you had a memorable experience, write it for those that ask why you want to be a SLP. For me, my mom was a reading interventionist and I saw the correlation between reading and speech and wanted to help kids before they hit the reading learning years and became frustrated. That was my first letter of intent. What got me in was that I’ve been a SLPA for 4 years and in order for me to grow as a professional I must obtain my master’s degree... and in my title 1 district 98% of our students only receive services in school and can’t access outside therapy for a variety of reasons. THAT got me in. Lol. Both letters were my truth, but one stood out more than the other and was the difference in acceptance and waitlist!
  4. Do your schools of choice have a set question/prompt? The first time I applied to my program, I was all about this is why I wanted to be a SLP. It was good BUT guess what? Still didn’t get in. It was like too many others is what the program director told me. It didn’t stand out. This last app Cycle, they had a prompt about why you want to attend their specific program. I stuck to the prompt and was very real/blunt about how I was a perfect match for the program. Needless to say, I was accepted! So, if they’ve got a prompt, for sure stick to it. If not, I would say why I would fit with that school. They read TONS of I want to be a SLP and change the world type letters. Unless it’s super unique and your story would stand out and be memorable, your letter will blend in with the others.
  5. Yes! I do this and it was SO helpful when I had to do a partner project with my partner who is 7 hours away from me! I made a joint filter on google drive with her and we used it to make our notes and script for our “podcast” episode for cultural and linguistic diversity class.
  6. Oh I would be annoyed about that too!!! That’s one of those tricky questions that doesn’t make a hill of beans when it comes time for the praxis. I loathe those questions!!!
  7. Yes! Several of us in my cohort are renting and will buy if we feel it was a good resource. I will say, never cracked the cultural and linguistic diversity book, barely opened and read part of 2 chapters in speech sound disorders and read 1 chapter in my diagnostics class. It really depends on the professor I think.
  8. I bought the ETS Gre book pack; it was good. But like slptobe! I also used Magoosh- I utilized the free vocabulary app and words I studied on there were on the test! I still use the free Magoosh app in therapy with my older students who were working on vocabulary.
  9. Several of us are renting our books and if we used it a lot or feel it was a good resource then we will purchase the boom for reference. It’s a total crapshoot to be honest. I still have my undergraduate books and haven’t cracked them since ‘13. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. I was going to tell you that you shouldn't worry about accepting the offer and take it...but you have so yay! One of my coworkers did the ENMU hybrid program and it worked out great for her. She loved her time there and although it was online, she still made some good friends with others in the program. She was able to work part-time which helped out a LOT as a newlywed.
  11. It took me 3 app cycles (not 3 consecutive years)- I got in on my second try to the program I am currently attending. I wasn't able to pick up and move at the drop of a hat, so I initially only applied to where I went to undergrad, waitlisted there so I decided to work as a SLP-A in the meantime. My current program is a distance ed for the state of Tx and it's highly recommended you work as a school SLP-A while in the program as your clinic practicums during fall and spring for 2 years are at the school. I would say as a grad student who has completed my first semester of school after graduating 6 years earlier that working as a SLPA has helped me so much because of the hands-on experience in my job. I really feel that if I didn't have the experience I do, it would have been more difficult for me. Your GRE scores look avg for most programs- I think your AW score is what the avg was for my cohort. I mean, retaking a GRE isn't a cheap solution and depending on your schools that you want to apply to, your scores may be what you need so retaking the test wouldn't be necessarily worth the money. I would also say your grades aren't a cheap fix, but depending on your programs you want to apply to, your grades may be ok or may need to be raised a bit. If that's the case, then maybe taking some hours at a community college would be the necessary boost to your average or retaking a couple of undergraduate classes that you didn't do so great in and get a better letter grade. I hate that it depends on where you want to go, but it really does. I would just say that if you're reapplying to a university, make sure your application has noticeable improvements so it's not "more of the same" from the previous application. Letters of rec and your personal letter of intent are also ways for you to shine. Good luck!!!
  12. Girl. Stick with TWU. In Cycle 10 we have 3 out and proud L and G people! No one blinked an eye. 2 are gay males- one legally married to his husband and I think the other one is not married but VERY committed- his SIL is in the program as well. We have one girl who is VERY proudly lesbian and legally married- her wife just started her graduate program as well. Like NO one has said anything to them and they are respected as humans.
  13. The last time I took the GRE, it took about 15 days for the results to be available for me to view and I believe they sent them off close to the same time I saw them. If your deadline October, I would probably take it by the end of September so that there’s enough time for the score to be sent to the school!
  14. I’ve only been in my online program for a month and we’ve had 6 drop. Not sure why. There’s 105 of us left and the ones who dropped out aren’t from my area, so I’m not sure why. Some people tonight were discussing they are overwhelmed with the workload, which is comparable to a traditional program, which my school has as well. This is my university’s 20th year of having a distance ed program, so they know what they are doing. Most of those who are overwhelmed are out of field and leveled, so, maybe some of it was lack of experience. Half of my cohort has experience as a SLPA, which speaking for myself, has made a difference. My university has the same rule for both traditional and distance programs regarding 2 C’s and you’re out. I think that’s pretty common.
  15. I’m in Lubbock and have to go to my ESC 3 times this summer for class but have classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15-8:30. During the school year, we go to the ESC on Tuesday from 4:30-8:30 and then home on collaborate the same hours. We also do our school-based practicum during the school year. Summer 2020 and 2021 I will have adult practicum placements. My stats are: 155 verbal 150 quantitative 5 writing GPA 3.8 for my last 60 hours. At the time of applying, I had started my 4th year of working as a SLPA. I had letters of recommendation from 2 SLP supervisors and my SpEd director of my district and a good letter of intent. I was very raw as to why I was a good fit for the program. I have to work to help provide for my family and in my school district, most of the students are below the federal poverty level and the school is the only avenue for speech and language therapy. Most of my students have parents who want the best for their children but cannot take off from work at the farms and dairies in the area to take their children to therapy 60 miles away one way. The severity of the cases has increased and it has been difficult to keep a qualified SLP in the district to handle these students. I applied twice- waitlisted the first time and accepted this time. The only change was one LOR and my letter of intent. I feel like being very real and honest about my district’s needs and the situation I’ve been in for the last 4 years helped me get in. Thank you so much! I love it so far and you’re so welcome for the recommendations for study apps. I saw an email about magoosh having a kindle book for free on Kindle! GRE Prep by Magoosh.
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