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  1. Btw, excuse my lack of punctuation/grammar. Writing this while stuck in traffic.
  2. @Ggslpa hi love. Yes I was accepted to Emerson as well. For my LOI, it was honestly very standard topics I talked about such as my education, experiences and why I was picking the Emerson program to apply to. I’m a mom to two toddlers who I had in grad school while I was doing my previous masters program so and online program was very appealing to me. Also, my son has been in ECI since before he turned two and I’ve been dealing with SLP stuff on a daily basis because of his speech and feeding therapies. He’s 4 now. A lot of my introduction was about him. Later I talked about how I majored undergrad in SLP. Also I spoke about finishing my masters in science education but still focusing my thesis on inclusive classrooms for science and math education and dealing with special need students. After that I kind of wrote about my work experience.. which I don’t have too much of as I’ve been busy with the kids since graduation. I hope that helps. If you’re having you’re official interview, don’t stress too much about it! It is fairly easy. They ask you 3 questions only. The only downside to the Emerson program, in my opinion is, how extremely pricey it is. If you’re willing to pay, it’s a great program!
  3. My last name starts with A. I also received my email on 10/6 at 10:18 am.
  4. Congrats! Wishing you all the best!! I just checked my email after I just now read your post and I got accepted too!!!! lol I’m so excited. I got accepted to Emerson online as well but was waiting to hear back from TWU!
  5. I emailed Penny yesterday, she said we would hear back about a decision “between mid December and early January.” ?
  6. @SpeechDreams Congrats on your acceptance! How was the interview part of the application? What did they ask you? Also, if you don't mind sharing your stats that would be helpful as I am also applying to Emerson this week.
  7. Anyone applying to TWUs TETN Cycle 10 program? If so, what region are you in? What’re your stats?
  8. Thank you guys for the responses! CBG321- Yes, I emailed Dr. Stillman and Chona Lucas for a tour. Any other tips you might have for me for my application? I have a lot of personal experience with speech therapy/feeding disorders. My son has been in speech and feeding therapy since he was two yrs old. So I deal with SLPs every week and do my best to implement their they techniques at home. mcamp- Thanks for the kind words! Doing my best to think positive. ?
  9. Hi guys! This is the first time Im using a forum but I am eager to get your input. I am interested in applying to the COMD Masters program at UTD for Spring/Summer 2019. I've always been so nervous to apply to the program, obviously scared of receiving a rejection. I graduated with my BS in Speech Pathology and Audiology from UTD in 2013. My GPA was 3.56. I also graduated with a MAT (Masters in Arts of Teaching) Science Ed from UTD in 2016. My GPA was 3.97. I completed my thesis in grad school on the effects of an inclusive classroom on the academic achievement for students with and without learning disabilities. I am currently studying to take the GRE as I haven't taken it yet since the masters program I was in didn't require it. I had two kids in grad school so I have not been able to hold a full time job. But I have been an AVID tutor for PISD, a sub for PISD, and taught English online to kids living in China. I really more than anything want to get into UTD's COMD program but have been so scared to apply because I know of so many people getting rejected. I am also interested in TWU's distance learning option since its so far from home. Anyone have any detail info about their program? What are your opinions of me getting in with my stats? Anyone else got in at UTD with already having a masters in a different field?
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