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  1. Arcanelady27

    Graduate School Interview at Lehman College for SLP

    Name the 5 components of language Name 2 speech disorders Name 2 language disorders Do you have an interview? If so, when ? Good Luck
  2. I'd retake it to get the AWA score up to at least 4. Best of luck!
  3. Arcanelady27


    Has anyone had the experience of their transcripts NOT making it to CSDCAS? 😕
  4. Arcanelady27

    Spring Applications Lehman College

    Hi Dr. Conner, I am in the process of completing my application. I am hoping to get an interview.
  5. Hello all, I am back... I realized online learning is not for me and decided to reapply to two traditional programs, Mercy College and Lehman College. Any current students of these programs have any tips on getting past the interview?
  6. Arcanelady27

    Handling grad school with a disability

    This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I suffer from mental illness and had to medically withdraw from this semester. I plan on returning for Fall 2017.
  7. Arcanelady27

    NYU Steinhardt online distance program

    I was accepted for January 2017.
  8. Arcanelady27

    NYU Steinhardt online distance program

    I was accepted to the online program and took the offer. It still has kinks in it being that it is brand new. My stats were 3.5 Com GPA V 152 Q 146 AW 4.0 I am excited. After years of trying I go into a program, I literally cried.
  9. Arcanelady27

    What schools are you waiting to hear from?

    Thank you for this call and info!
  10. Arcanelady27


    At this point, finding out I am on the wait list and wait list would be great news! I know people have been accepted and rejected. I have heard nothing.
  11. Arcanelady27

    What schools are you waiting to hear from?

    I am still waiting to hear from all the schools in my signature. At this point, I am hoping to be wait listed at these schools because several have already admitted students.
  12. Arcanelady27

    Errors in SOP

    Thanks so much flapjackal! Have you made a decision on where you will attend grad school? You have quite a bit of acceptances!
  13. Arcanelady27

    CUNY Queens College

    Were you interviewed ? I reached out Friday and was told they are still looking at applications. It is a great peogram. Some say the best of the CUNY schools.
  14. Arcanelady27

    Errors in SOP

    I admire you. You are able to pick up and go if all your ducks are in a row! LOL Where did you do your BA/BS or pre reqs ?

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