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  1. Arcanelady27

    NY acceptances. What school did you choose?

    I did my undergrad at Hofstra, but in a different major. Great school!
  2. Arcanelady27

    NY acceptances. What school did you choose?

    I will be attending Mercy College.
  3. Arcanelady27

    Employer Funded Masters

    I work for a hospital. The hospital is giving me 7K a year.
  4. Arcanelady27

    NYC SLP Applicant

    Yes, I was asked what was the latest book I read. I wasn't asked any SLP content questions. What made you want to enter the field of Speech-Language Pathology? I can't recall the rest at this moment, but if do I will post.
  5. Arcanelady27

    Mercy College Interview

    I did not know we had to write anything!😣
  6. Arcanelady27

    Mercy College Interview

    Hi, Mine is at 11:00 a.m. Yes, they are group interviews.
  7. Arcanelady27

    Mercy College Interview

    Hi All, I have an interview with Mercy College on Thursday. I saw that few people were accepted the same day they interviewed this year. For those that were interviewed and accepted, can you please tell us how was the interview process? Was it a long interview? What questions did they ask? Thanks in advance
  8. Arcanelady27

    NYC SLP Applicant

    I also have an interview with Mercy College next Thursday. Good Luck to us both! 😊
  9. Arcanelady27

    NYC SLP Applicant

    I was accepted to NYU's online SLP program in 2017 and I live in NY. I think instate students shy away from NYU is because it is costly.
  10. Arcanelady27


    I went on an interview for grad school. One of the questions the admissions committee asked was why did you choose this profession? Another question that was asked was tell me about yourself? I found this question a little odd, but I was asked what is the latest book you have read?
  11. Arcanelady27

    Age 40+ applicants

    I found the NYU program quite difficult. The format takes some getting use to The online learning I found quite challenging because the professor did not lecture per-say. Instead, the professor took questions students had on the course materials. The online gathering was only for one hour per course.
  12. Arcanelady27

    Age 40+ applicants

    I am soon to be 40. I agree; the whole process is intimidating. I have been trying to get into a school for sometime. I was accepted to NYU's online program, but it just was not a fit, so here I am again. I'm praying to get into Mercy College part-time. I wish you the best!
  13. Arcanelady27

    Anyone willing to swap personal statments?

    I do not have a personal statement. However, I have an essay I need to complete as part of the application process. I am willing to swap. PM me
  14. Arcanelady27

    Graduate School Interview at Lehman College for SLP

    Name the 5 components of language Name 2 speech disorders Name 2 language disorders Do you have an interview? If so, when ? Good Luck
  15. I'd retake it to get the AWA score up to at least 4. Best of luck!

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