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  1. I took audiology this semester and was so disappointed with the course. The professor was hard to reach and would take weeks to respond back to emails. It was difficult when I had questions about the lecture and the professor would not answer. The professor should have been more present and attentive when responding to concerns and emails throughout the semester I felt as if I had to teach myself a lot of the work being that we were just given the power-points with no other feedback Some of the ppts. were very unorganized. I believe since the class is online, a professor
  2. Hi everyone! does anyone know of a school that offers an online speech science course during a winter session! TIA
  3. I don’t have clinic this semester or next! But I wanted to get a feel of the work load before committing to something. It is a full time program and I do want to work somewhere where I can benefit from, rather then the job I have now that has nothing to do with speech. I’m still keeping my current job but willing to leave if I find a different option that involves working with SLPs
  4. Hi everyone! I start my graduate program in a few weeks and couldn’t be more excited. I only have class on Monday and Tuesday and want to do something else Wednesday-Friday. I would like to leave my current job because it has nothing to do with speech and find a job that actually involves my future profession. I was wondering if you guys could share your work experiences while in graduate school. Being only a graduate student I am not really sure what jobs I would be able to qualify for so this would be very helpful. I am from New York and looking around this area.
  5. How was taking speech science with that professor? I have heard horror stories.
  6. I will be attending LIU Post this Fall 2019. Where is everyone else going in NY?
  7. I was looking for a course that ended early summer, but it seems all of them go into August. I will be out of the country August so I can't take a class that goes into August
  8. Is anyone else in cohort C? ^^ Also looking to see if anyone has created a Facebook group yet.
  9. Hi everyone! I’m making this for people who are going to LIU POST. I am in Cohort C! Which cohort are you in? If anyone knows of a Facebook group for the LIU Post class let us know!
  10. What summer session is Speech Science being offered?! I need it too!
  11. Hi! Does anyone know a school that offers an online course in Speech and Hearing Science for this summer! Thank you!
  12. Does anyone know more details about the program at Iona College? I know it’s pretty new. Thanks
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