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  1. Hey everyone! For those of you who are waiting on Dalhousie, I got off the waiting list yesterday. I will be declining their offer, so a spot will open up for someone else. Good luck to everyone 😊
  2. Hey there! I am looking for a SLP Instagram page to get inspiration for speech activities and what not! Any suggestions?
  3. At USU you can email their program coordinator and she will give you a form where you can request to override the prerequisites! It can be done.
  4. Hey there! Feel free to message me if you want! I also got accepted to UMaine's SLP program. I won't be able to answer all your questions but I can help answer those that I do know 😊
  5. Nice! What classes are you currently taking, if you don't mind me asking 😊
  6. Hey! If you already accepted your admissions to UMaine's SLP program, we have a FB group where you can ask all your questions 😊 search up UMaine SLP Class of 2021
  7. Thank you! Wishing you the best of luck as well 😊
  8. Yes! I got an email from them today around 11:00 am stating that I am on their waiting list.
  9. Hey everyone! I will be taking the following classes online at USU this summer: COMD 3700 (Basic Audiology) and COMD 5070 (Speech Science). For those of you who have already taken these classes at USU, how did you enjoy them and what was the level of difficulty? I am asking because I am not sure if I should take a 3rd prerequisite class this summer or wait until next summer to complete it. The third class that I would need to take is anatomy of the speech mechanism. Any info would be super helpful
  10. Nice! What classes have you taken at USU? I decided to go with USU instead of Longwood since I am missing a prerequisite for one of the classes I want to take! Whereas at USU I was able to override the prerequisites. Also, do professors/TA's tend to be responsive to student emails if we need to clarify something? I have never taken online classes and am not too sure how personable the teachers tend to be with students. Thanks!
  11. Great! Going to email you now. Thank you so much 😊
  12. Nice! What class are you currently taking at Longwood, if you don't mind me asking? Also, for the exams, do you need to find a proctor?
  13. Hey everyone! I need to take 3 online courses before starting grad school in the fall. I need to take Introduction to Audiology, Speech Science, and Anatomy/Physiology of the Speech Mechanism. The two online schools that have stuck out to me most were Longwood University and Utah State University. Does anyone have any experience with either of these schools' online programs? Any information would be super helpful! Or is there another online school that you could suggest?
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