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  1. Average is usually the average of a semester. Like for me I had 22 classes but they need 20 for sub gpa so for two of the classes they were in a semester of 4 courses. So instead of randomly picking two classes from that, they took the average twice for me. does this make sense?
  2. Last year people posted in the SLP thread on here that they heard if they were accepted on March 13 and 14
  3. Hi Speechy_123 I know how stressful this whole process is! This is the second time I'm doing it so trust me, I know haha! We are always our most critical when it comes to ourselves. If you'd like, someone to read it over or we can compare letters, it might make you feel a bit better. Or if you have any questions, let me know
  4. You have some amazing stuff!! Do you want to exchange letters? Get a feel for what other people are writing?
  5. Last year I didn't hear anything from UofT until I got my rejection, which they email you and send you a nice letter in the mail about it haha There wasn't a portal or anything though
  6. I'm at a 3.70 on ORPAS.. Last year, I kind of got screwed over.. I was completing my second degree and had only 19 classes, so they took my overall gpa from my first degree and added it as a 20th class instead of the last class or average of the last semester. Dropped it down to a 3.56. Didn't get in anywhere including McMasters, which I'm not applying to this year! Their minimum sgpa for the MMIs was 3.87.... crazy
  7. Anyone applying to Ottawa and want to chat about the French exam?
  8. I messaged ORPAS and they said "This section is completely up to applicant discretion - please enter the information in the way that you feel best represents your experience. There is no wrong way as long as you are clear and consistent in your descriptions. The reason it is up to applicant discretion is because the schools would like to allow you the space to represent yourself and experience how you wish ". Very confusing in my opinion!
  9. But for ORPAS, you need to enter individually the grades of the prereqs
  10. Hi everyone, Second year applying and I have to say I'm feeling discouraged before the process officially begins. I rewrote my letter, redid my CV, spent the entire year off volunteering.. I just finished my second B.A where my sub-gpa is pretty good (not as good as McMasters minimum interview cut-off from last year though) but some of my pre-reqs from my first degree have really low grades.. These are classes I can't redo and I can't take other classes before applications are due since it would have to be in the winter semester. Anyone have any advice?
  11. “Minimum Academic Requirements: 4-year undergraduate degree with a minimum “B” average (3.0 on ORPAS scale) in 10 most recent full undergraduate courses (or 20 half courses)”
  12. But I'm assuming they don't contact you if you don't get in...
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