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  1. If you guys are going, join the FB group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/220077479088643/
  2. I'm taking three right now at Thompson Rivers, same kind of format. Hopefully I'll get the same results as from Athabasca!
  3. On another note, has anyone created a facebook page for uOttawa?!
  4. I have accepted uOttawa. I really like the idea of doing it in French and I have friends who have graduated from there or are still there. One thing I didn't know about is that everyone in the program does Audiology courses so you actually graduate with a Minor in Audiology! That for me was really interesting!
  5. I am!!!! I'm from Montreal and although my french is passable, I'm a bit concerned about doing a whole masters in French. I feel like I'm going to need to practice before school starts!
  6. No nothing all night but just saw the date update to today on the portal. Guessing it's coming soon!
  7. If you reach out to them, can you let us know what they say?
  8. Hi everyone, please post here if you are declining an offer or moving off a waitlist to give others a better idea of where they stand! Thanks!!
  9. Continuing the yearly tradition! Please post here if you are DECLINING your acceptance OR waitlist position at a school. This will HELP people get a better idea of their situation! Thanks to everyone who participates! Congrats to all the SLPs to be!
  10. I am also waitlisted at Western!!! I think UofT sends out an email a bit later.. I can't remember when it is though
  11. Just got an email from Ottawa U that they will only be telling people April 7th now. Not sure what will happen with the remaining Ontario schools
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