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  1. I declined an offer from McGill off their waitlist, so another position in the program should open up for someone coming up! Best of luck
  2. I was accepted to Dalhousie off the waitlist on Monday, so anyone on the waitlists don't lose hope! I have a position on the waitlist at Western and McGill that I won't be taking.
  3. Not me, still trying to be hopeful! Good luck
  4. Do you mind sending them to me as well? I'm also in the second quadrant! Sending good luck your way
  5. I was waitlisted at Western too!! Congrats everyone
  6. I think so too! I think first-round offers for Ontario schools expire by April 16th, so I'm hoping they let us know before then!
  7. I still haven't received an email confirmation that my documents have been received from Dal, is anyone still having the same issue? I'm wondering if I should email them to check!
  8. Hi!! Yes mine says exactly that, hopefully we get emails soon saying that everything has been received! Good luck to you too!
  9. Ok thank you! Did you mail your resume and info form? Hopefully they'll call if something is outstanding, just makes me nervous because the deadline was almost a month ago!! Thanks for the help tho!
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