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  1. Do you think it's required to put something in this spot? There's no asterisk next to it on ORPAS so I'm wondering if it's even necessary
  2. Question for anyone on their second time applying - are you going to mention that in your statement of intent? I'm not sure if it's something I should include or how to include it
  3. I think you should still apply! You have till January, and unless it's for financial reasons (which I totally understand because the cost is high) it doesn't hurt to apply. It's really helpful to at least get used to the application process if anything.
  4. Is anyone here applying for a second time? I just started the process again, and have realized that U of T and Western are both eliminating the volunteer hour/clinical reference requirement for this year because of Covid... This is pretty upsetting for a second time applicant who has spent the last 5 years getting as many hours as possible. Just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat here.
  5. This is the email I got about the u of t waitlist, not sure if that means the class is full but that's what it sounds like: "Thanks for reaching out. We have started moving on our waitlist and while the acceptance deadline for admits was April 30, people do change their mind due to personal circumstances so we sometimes have a bit of movement even in the summer. Please go on with your alternate plans at this time and we will be in touch should we have news"
  6. How long are people who are on a waitlist keeping hope for? I know last year for Western on the forum some people heard back as late as June but I'm not sure about u of t, and I don't really know why it would even go that far. Just sucks because I need to find a place to live next year but I can't really start planning till I know if I'm getting off the waitlist or not 🙆🏼‍♀️
  7. I haven't 😕 I haven't seen anyone post here yet that they have tbh
  8. I haven't yet, I'm also wondering this. Curious how big of a waitlist it is
  9. Would anyone who has applied to and/or gotten into UBC be willing to PM me? I have some questions about the online prerequisites 😊
  10. Has anyone heard any info about u of t's waitlist? Like how big it is at least? I know western told people their quadrant spot and that some heard last years waitlist had 100 people on it, but I haven't got any information about U of T's.
  11. Do you mind PM'ing me your stats? I'm on the waitlist too
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