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  1. I had a B- in neuroanatomy/neuropsychology pre-req but the rest were A's or A+ and maybe made up for that
  2. Nope 😂 although if it makes you feel any better, I found this stats to be a lot easier than undergrad. In undergrad we had to learn all these formulas and stuff, and this stats class is more about looking at research papers and pulling stats from them and analyzing them/understanding what they mean! Which is also super applicable and beneficial throughout the rest of your degree when you look at research papers, and throughout your career too while you stay up-to-date on research!
  3. There is no grade requirement, you just have to pass. Although I do recommend you pay close attention in stats because you will be taking stats in the first semester of the program and its helpful to have retained some knowledge of it 😉
  4. Theres actually quite a few people in my program currently with various degrees from other fields! Some of them include bachelors degrees in human kinetics/kinesiology, biological sciences (molecular biology), cognitive sciences, child and youth care, behavioural science, sociology, education, community rehab, neuroscience, and even environmental science. Hope that helps 😊
  5. Oh my gosh. I feel soooo silly. The past couple years of being on the forum plus taking linguistics AND being a year into my SLP program, and I haven't been able to figure out why so many people have "wug" in their usernames! I thought it was some internet term I didn't understand haha. I JUST FIGURED IT OUT!! Sooooo clever. 😂 sometimes I don't know how I got accepted into grad school hahahaha but I love the usernames
  6. Hey! They definitely consider any research experience to a strong application, doesn't necessarily have to be speech related. I had research experience in 3 psychology labs but none were even remotely related to speech. The only speech experience I had was like 14 hours of volunteering with an SLP and I worked as a behaviour interventionist for a few months. But my research experience was completely unrelated
  7. I'd be happy to look over your resume and letter of intent if you'd like 😊
  8. Wow I am so sorry to hear that and I am seriously so surprised by that. 😔 You really have amazing stats and background experience, more than some people I know in the program currently (myself included). It really must've been a competitive year. I wonder if they place a lot of importance in the letter of intent as that is how people can be memorable/make an impact & stand out from other applicants. I would encourage you to apply again next year, I really think you have what it takes and I wouldn't give up! I know it might be difficult but please don't be discouraged by this. Next year cou
  9. YAY! That's amazing! Congrats! Sounds like things are finally rolling there. Hopefully everyone else hears very soon!
  10. Just wanted to add to this! U of A also has a speech science course in first term that talks about pitch, resonance, breath, etc. We also have a voice and resonance disorders course next year too. In our speech science course we talked a little bit about transgender individuals but not a ton, however it seemed that prof was fairly knowledgable about that topic or at least interested in researching more about it. For placements at U of A, you are able to make special requests to work with special populations and so its possible that this could be something you could request, but it really depen
  11. Its my pleasure, I love helping out where I can! 😊 So I received my offer March 9, and it said I had until "the national deadline" to decide, which was April 15 last year.
  12. I haven't heard anything at all, sorry 😔 I was expecting letters to go out this week as well, fingers crossed!
  13. From what I remember last year, I got the acceptance email from Vicki quite a while before my portal even changed! I think it took a few days for it to update showing my conditional acceptance.
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