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  1. Question: For U of A, is it best to submit a mark that isn't too great (solid B), or better that I submit the grade from a course I'm taking in the winter that (it'll be in progress by the time applications are submitted)? In other words, is it better to choose the trade off of a lower pre-req GPA, but all courses completed OR have one course in progress, but potentially higher pre-req GPA in the end?
  2. I know U of A specifically said they prefer candidates to have completed pre-reqs, but one in progress in the Winter is usually fine. And I think you'd be a good shot for U of A Did you already take the CASPer test? You need that for both McGill and U of A. Also, I'd love to hear your tips on the GRE!
  3. Long time reader, first time commenter! Hope everyone is taking care of themselves as we gear up for application season. @hopefullyanSLP I am definitely nervous, but excited too.
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