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  1. Hello! Yes, this is a fine sGPA to apply with. I personally know of people who have gotten in with GPAs in this range. I believe this year GPA was only used as an entrance requirement, and had to be above 3.3 and aside from that was not as heavy of a criterion as it had been for previous years. I'm not sure if it'll be the same going forward but it's something to consider!
  2. I took the practice one a lot of times, timing myself and developing a strategy for how long to aim for for each answer. I also made sure to reflect on some experiences I might draw on for any questions that ask about those. For the most part, it’s just getting a good handle on test and performance anxiety. You have to practice “shaking it off” between sections if you didn’t quite make the time limit for the last section, so you have an overall great chance for the next section. It was a good experience, let me know if you have any questions!
  3. I think around 250 applied? When Vicki was asked at the Q&A session September 2020 she guesstimated 100-200 applicants, so perhaps it was just outside the upper range. No idea how it compares to previous years though! One thing that did change is how Alberta determined admissions this year; before GPA was used more heavily, then everything else, whereas from what I understood this year is that it was done the other way around, and applicants were looked at as a whole then GPA. (this is just my understanding). GPA this year was officially an entrance requirement, and one of the semeste
  4. She is quite good at responding within at latest a couple of days, however she said she’s taking a few days off in her last email, and will respond early next week if she can’t get back to us
  5. There's only 28 people in the U of A FB group, and I think the actual cohort should be in the 50's!
  6. Congratulations! It must've been tough waiting on so many waitlists, I'm so happy you get some closure now and can start your SLP journey :)!
  7. Sorry to keep asking... but is anyone still waiting for the U of A letter? It feels worryingly close to the deadline, and I have not heard back
  8. For sure, but I would say this is not a hard and fast rule, as I had two courses not at a B+ or above!
  9. For those of you planning to go to U of A, feel free to join the group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/4145976932101730
  10. This is true in my opinion because U of A has an in-house clinic, and even a cadaver lab for anatomy, which isn’t the case for UBC. Also you can check out what the course sequence is for both UBC and U of A, to compare! There’s 8 courses in the first UBC semester, and 9 in the second one. While U of A has 6 in each, but two over the summer along with the placement. UBC is half the cost of U of A’s program, but you might like to account for cost of living which is higher in Vancouver.
  11. It’s because every email is personalized with the conditions/ remaining pre preqs, if applicable, for every applicant! Audi is only 12 letters to write and send out, so I’d assume it gets done first as it’s smaller than the 36 for SLP! I share your angst over the wait though 😂 Just figured I’d assuage the concern
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