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  1. I re-read the formal offer from Alberta and I noticed that it says 'prior to this date'. 11:59pm Mountain Time it is
  2. Okay I'm also curious about this - my offers both say the 'by the 15th'. Does this mean by tonight at 11:59 pm (ie the response is sent in before the 15th) or by tomorrow night at 11:59 pm?
  3. FYI she (Vicki) told me that pre req grades were basically being de-emphaiszed due to the complication of them not accepting winter 2020. So I would expect that for the next few years they will matter less
  4. So from what I've heard UBC's classes also tend to focus more on research, less on its applications (although obviously it's all highly relevant research), whereas UA's classes are geared more towards clinical applications of research. I also go into both and haven't decided so feel free to message if you'd like to chat more
  5. I got my UBC acceptance also Yay!! I guess Western Canada just likes me better? LOL
  6. I just got a rejection email from Dalhousie. Hopefully this means that they are working through all the applications and others will hear more good news soon
  7. It's a reference to a famous test that examines how children pluralize words they've never heard before https://www.oxfordreference.com/view/10.1093/oi/authority.20110803125127433
  8. Haha, I spent some time perusing the results portal and old forums (I have a life I swear, but also no impulse control haha). It looks like it's common for them to release audi a day or two before SLP, so I don't know that this is a special delay per se; but I was hoping we'd have heard by this time today
  9. Oh god yeah haha, I don't think I've had my email not open for longer than like 2 mins today unless I had to be away from my computer
  10. Okay, thank you! I got it in my head that they'd be releasing SLP choices today as I think they released at least some audiology results yesterday, and now I can't stop thinking about it haha. I don't even know that I'll attend, but I'd really like to know whether I even got in 😅
  11. I haven't heard from Dal or UBC (for SLP) - has anyone else heard from either?
  12. https://www.grad.ubc.ca/prospective-students/graduate-degree-programs/master-of-science-audiology-speech-sciences This page offers more detailed info on UBC but unfortunately it not separated out by Audi vs SLP (and also the application numbers seem weirdly low compared to what I've heard, but I'm assuming it's accurate given that it is directly from UBC). Scroll down to & click on "ENROLMENT, DURATION & OTHER STATS". I hope this helps!
  13. No, not yet. I'm assuming that will come around the same time as the official letters. Did anyone else get an offer that is definitely conditional (ie you're not done your degree yet) but didn't say that it was conditional?
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