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  1. anyone else admitted to UofA off the waitlist still waiting for FGSR to send you your official letter? I’ve been waiting 11 days now..
  2. Also keep in mind that the UofA at times gives you two weeks to decide! They were needing an updated transcript of mine so I had two weeks to accept of the waitlist!
  3. Hi everyone, congrats on everyone’s acceptances. I made it off UofAs waitlist this morning so movement is continuing to happen feel free to pm about anything if you’d like!
  4. Just out of curiosity (I’m assuming you go to the UofA since you’ve been talking about it 😂) do you know how many people in your year made it off the waitlist?
  5. I received my email at 1:22 (edmonton time) to check my portal. All they tell you is there are 35 spots and that they won’t disclose waitlist positions
  6. I’m definitely confused with UofA.. last year they did acceptances all within an hour but this year it’s been 4.. so are they doing rolling again?
  7. I swear the idea (just the idea) of UofA sending out acceptances this week has me going insane..
  8. This makes me hopeful that maybe we will hear this week, but also trying to not get my hopes up 😂 I swear this is the entire application process.. hopeful but not too hopeful
  9. Just for reference I was waitlisted last year with a 3.42 since I had a whole semester of grades missing! So I do think they look at a lot more than subGPA at UofA.
  10. Everyone's stats are so amazing! Makes me super nervous for applying this year.. as my stats are not the best! Degree: I finished my BSc with a major in Genetics, and minor in Psychology. GPA: My ORPAS sGPA is only 3.55 and sGPA for UofA is 3.6. This is sadly where my application lacks Experience/Volunteering: For experience I have worked as an SLPA for 3 years with children with Autism, Genetic Disorders, Cerebral Palsy and others, specifically working with SLP's, OT's, PT's and Behavioural therapists. I have also worked as respite and community aide worker for 7 years which
  11. Anyone else feel like February is going to be the most painful month... just waiting 😭
  12. I haven’t but am curious to this as well. I saw on last years thread that only one or two people saw acceptances from waitlist until the 24th and then there seemed to be much more. Not sure what the case is this year..
  13. Anybody hear from UofA lately? I heard there’s still 16 people not enrolled in classes, just wondering if people haven’t enrolled or if that’s waitlist movement. Thanks guys
  14. Nope, very patiently waiting! I mean trying to be patient anyway..
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