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  1. my ORPAS gpa was 3.92. I didn’t fully calculate my dalhousie one but I estimated i was around a 4.15 maybe a 4.2 it’s been a while lol. the schools have different things they look at! mac is only 25% gpa, they’ll release the avg interview gpa soon if it isn’t already out but for the year before us it was 3.88 (i heard around that 3.85 was the lowest but might be wrong). Western I think is more holistic but leaning more to experiences (my friend had a higher gpa but was waitlisted). Uoft is more academic focused i would say so references and gpa. they also favour research experience
  2. all schools do iirc. the calculations might be different (for example all ontario schools use ORPAS which has a detailed order and some special cases like averaging a year if they have to go into one semester, but schools like dal, uofa and mcgill just use the last 20 courses) for your gpa, it really depends on the schools and your overall application since a higher gpa doesn't necessarily make too much of a difference after a certain threshold. it might be worth getting more/new experiences and a different approach with your LOI. taking more courses might also make for better references since they would be "fresher" also if you're just finishing up your last year of undergrad, your subgpa next cycle will be different since it'll include your winter grades. hope this helps a bit!
  3. i was accepted march 13. i waited for ontario decisions since moving that far for 3 years is a lot and was luckily accepted at Mac and Western and chose Mac. Dal was always my ultimate ultimate backup and I was open to the idea of moving and did like a few parts of the program but the application process was a mess and definitely reflects on the program overall from the few people I spoke to. However, something *is* better than nothing so if you receive an acceptance make sure to speak with past and current students to see how the program is (apparently its better post-covid which is good and they did get a few new profs).
  4. kind of a long shot lol but is anyone attending/presenting at York u's CUHR conference?
  5. yes you need to review and submit for it to actually go through! while you’re at it make sure to also request your final transcript if you’re still in courses!
  6. probably friday for ontario schools since deadline is wednesday 11:59 and some people might still be provisionally accepting offers and those only become firm May 2
  7. you're better off checking last year's discussion board and linkedin searching! i've met w a few students and can share what they told me though and stuff from my own personal research so send me a msg!
  8. Just firmly accepted my Mac offer! A spot at Western should open up soon for those waiting I won't be formally rejecting my Dal offer (just going to let it go past the Apr 15 deadline) so there will also be a spot soon! If anyone is starting any Mac gc's pls let me know!
  9. hey i’m meeting someone at mac on thursday so you can pm your questions! i’ve also found that a lot of them are active on linkedin so if you have one send a msg! you can easily find people by google searching!
  10. Soon you'll get access to your macid which will allow you to log on to the student centre (mosaic) and info to pay will be available there! You can pay w card or do a direct transfer with your bank to the school under your student number. I'm at Mac so I already have my macid and student number but idk when you'll get access to the info. I think some time between when you accept and when your acceptance has been finalized (which is around May 2). You can email slpadmin @ mcmaster.ca though! They'll prob have more info
  11. did anyone receive a scholarship in their offer?
  12. i’m meeting a current first year Mac student on thursday to ask some questions about the program. does anyone have anything they want me to ask as well?
  13. was anyone offered a scholarship with their offers?
  14. McMaster's Cognitive Science of Language MSc program is still accepting domestic student applications! More info: The program is a two-year thesis program. Students with linguistics, cognitive science of language, cognitive science, or psychology degrees usually have a good preparation for our program. From your master’s, you can continue to a clinical program, many different kinds of management and analyst jobs, or a PhD program. The deadline for guaranteed consideration has passed, but we still welcome good students with the right background. More information under the link below: https://gs.mcmaster.ca/program/cognitive-science-of-language/ https://linguistics.humanities.mcmaster.ca/graduate-programs/msc-cognitive-science-of-language/ Possible supervisor research profiles can be found behind this link: https://arieal.humanities.mcmaster.ca/about-us/laboratories/ NOTE: Dr. Daniel Pape is away on research leave July 2024-July 2025 so is not accepting students/ NOTE: Not all professors under ARiEAL can supervise MSc CogSci students.
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