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  1. I know this is unlikely but just wondering if anyone has heard of anyone getting off the U of A waitlist recently?
  2. Hi Everyone, Has anyone completed an SLP assistant program? I'm considering possibly applying to a program at MacEwan University.
  3. I would also very much appreciate any admitted U of A students to share their experience and stats with me as well. I’m unsure I’ll apply again after being waitlisted twice but any insight/advice would be greatly appreciated
  4. For those accepted to U of A this year could you please tell me if all of your classes have been filled? Just trying to gauge if there is any likelihood that more offers will be sent out this week. Thanks! ☺️
  5. Good point. I keep forgetting that those spots may be reserved. I guess it's me just trying to stay hopeful haha. Good luck!
  6. I’m still waiting! Looks like there is still 10 seats open
  7. Sorry unrelated to your point but U of A is like this and it's so tough. No indication of where you stand or your chances. I wish they would disclose positions.
  8. Just curious if anyone has reached out to U of A? Compared to last year this seems like an unusual wait
  9. Hey! I haven't heard anything either! Hoping for some movement tomorrow!
  10. Hi Speechiepeachie4, Congratulations on being accepted! It's nice at least knowing that there has been some waitlist movement. Keeping my fingers crossed!
  11. I messaged someone else who is waitlisted and they didn't hear as well. Hopefully we will hear some good news tomorrow! Good luck
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