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  1. Hey there! I'm a second time applicant. I'm assuming that your statement of intent has a word/page limit therefore it's important to be really selective about the experiences you're elaborating on. Your statement is your chance to tell them why they should pick you. Why you stand out and what you can bring to the cohort that you're peers might not be able to. You really have to sell yourself. And so take pride in your accomplishments, the lessons you learned, and exude that confidence. Passion gets you far because it'll answer the so-what. Your grades and resume are just facts about you -
  2. For those who are applying to the UofA, have you seen this message on the department page. Does it mean that they'll be taking into account how competitive an applicant's GPA is? A plan of action towards an Anti-Racist Communication Sciences and Disorders Department at University of Alberta In keeping with our commitment to recognize barriers and increase Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity (EDI), we are adjusting our admissions process in two ways beginning in 2021. This is in addition to the requirement for all students admitted to the MSc-SLP program to complete a course focused on
  3. Will anyone who's been accepted to UofA mind pm-ing me their stats and their experiences? I'd love to get a sense of what they're looking for and see how I can improve my future application. Thanks!
  4. I spoke with Vicki a few weeks ago and she mentioned that she recommends we hold onto the letters just in case for next year (the department hasn’t made any decisions about next year’s admissions). This semester‘s grades aren’t considered for admission - our GPA’s were calculated based on previous semesters. It might be different if you’re completing pre-reqs this semester. But they usually tell you your admission is dependent on you passing and completing the course. This is what I know about U of A. It could be different for other universities.
  5. No I haven't heard back yet. It's proving to be a much slower process than I anticipated. I think it's a combination of the two. It usually takes a few days for your acceptance to kick in before you can enrol in classes.
  6. Does anyone know if there was a delay like this last year? Are they waiting until after the weekend?
  7. Same here! I'm wondering if they even sent out offers today
  8. Wow your extra-curricular sound amazing! Unfortunately with Canadian schools I've found that a huge emphasis is placed on GPA especially due to the competitive nature of the program and limited amount of schools. I'd recommend taking on another semester of course work to place yourself in the best position for the next cycle. I'd take a close look at my GPA and figure out exactly what I have and how much do you need to place yourself in a competitive position. It's also really important to research the classes you take to maximize your ability to score high. Sadly it's GPA that gets
  9. Hey, I haven't heard anything back yet. based off of the letter I think the earliest people would start hearing back is on the 15th.
  10. Just a heads up for anyone who will be re-applying next year to Alberta if things don't work out, I've spoken with Vicki and depending on you institution, you may want to obtain letters from your professors for any coursework being completed this semester. I know that the UofA has switched their grading to Credit/No Credit and therefore students will be able to obtain a letter from their professors about their class performance. She recommended that I hold onto those letters just in case. She also mentioned that "there has been no discussion currently regarding next year. The department is wo
  11. I would send an email to Vicki and attach the certificate. She'll be the best person to ask.
  12. My understanding is that people have until April 15th to respond. So people on the waitlist will hear sometime after that. Stay safe!!
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