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  1. If you don’t mind me asking, do you know what quadrant of the waitlist you were on?
  2. Hello! I just got offered a waitlist position for Dalhousie S-LP. Does anyone know if we can still send updated official transcripts with grades from the winter 2020 semester to the university given COVID-19? I know in an earlier email Dalhousie said this was required but it wasn’t reiterated on the waitlist email. Thank you for any insights you can provide!
  3. I did not do well in statistics in 3rd year and took a different one this semester (and thankfully did a lot better) and I know that’s what dragged my application down. I went right from high school to university and (honestly) I’m scared to not do school, so I’d rather fill my year off learning more within the field (my hometown is Barrie and I can live at home while I do it) and apply again for SLP. Ultimately, I know I’d rather do SLP than CDA if I can get in! If I don’t get in again, then I can start a career in CDA instead ☺️.
  4. I have found that during the application process Dalhousie has been the most difficult communication wise (did not know if they got my application till March, do not answer phones on Fridays or Mondays, never responded to emails before application deadline, did not post application supplement till a couple months after they said it would be on the website), does this improve once you are a student at Dalhousie or does it just get worse?
  5. I have been waitlisted at Western and I am still waiting to hear back from Dalhousie. If I do not get off the waitlist at Western, I will be going to Georgian College for the CDA program and reapplying for 2021. Congratulations to everyone on their acceptances!🎊
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