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    CGPA: 3.7 (ORPAS calculated GPA: 3.52)
    GRE Quant Score: 147
    GRE Vocab Score: 149
    GRE Verbal Analysis Score: 4.0
    SLP Volunteer Hours: 300+
    Apply to: Dalhousie University, University of Alberta, McMaster University, University of Toronto, Western University, McGill University
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    2020 Fall
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    Speech Language Pathology

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  1. For anyone attending the University of Alberta this Fall we have a Facebook group you can join! Link is below https://www.facebook.com/groups/204979737383586/ You can also search the name “UofA SLP class of 2022” to find the group!
  2. Has anyone contacted Dalhousie about admissions recently? I’m trying to stay patient but with the Easter long weekend I doubt we will hear anything until April 14th (one day before the national deadline to accept offers)! Yikes..
  3. Last year acceptances for Dal were sent out on April 1 and I received a waitlist email on April 2 so I'm thinking they do send them out in order of acceptance-waitlist-rejection. I'm not positive though!
  4. Not yet - I'm impatiently waiting and refreshing my emails haha
  5. As many others mentioned, I would look into the CDA programs! I graduated from one last year and have been working as a CDA since September. This is my fourth year applying to SLP programs and after being waitlisted or rejected from every program in the past I was finally accepted to UofA. I think having the CDA experience and stronger connections with SLPs who wrote supportive letters of recommendation played a huge part in finally getting accepted into a program. I also wouldn't feel bad about working a minimum wage job with a degree! You can also spend your time volunteering in differ
  6. Had anyone heard anything from Dalhousie? It’s the only school I haven’t heard back from yet!
  7. Hey! Thanks for reaching out! I'm wondering if you could tell me what building on campus most of your classes are held in at UofA. Thanks!
  8. If it isn't too much trouble I would love to see the classes/timetable for UofA as well! I'm super curious now haha
  9. Thank you so much!! You're right - I didn't upload that page at first!
  10. Oh wow thank you!! I was worried I as missing something major. And yes I got an email in my application portal with all the specifics!
  11. Does anyone know what UofA is referring to when they ask me to upload "an updated transcript with the grading sheet attached"? What sort of grading sheet are they looking for? I expected my transcripts would contain enough information on my grades! Thanks in advance!
  12. I did! I am a little confused because I uploaded a photocopy of my official transcript from one institution, but they still requested one with 'a grading sheet'. I also only have the option to mail an official transcript from all 3 of my past colleges/universities. How are you submitting your transcripts?
  13. I received a *conditional* acceptance to UofT on May 17! Best of luck to everyone waiting for news!
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