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  1. I declined an offer today, so there should be movement on the waitlist soon. 🙂
  2. Has anyone accepted an offer, but then later on changed their mind on the program? Were you able to withdraw from the program and accept a different program choice? How did you withdraw from the program?
  3. Hey! I actually considered it a few months ago. I thought that these programs were truly 100% online and it doesn’t matter where your location is. But, when I reached out to advisors for some of the online programs, they had said that despite it being online I had to live within the state during the duration of the classes — I think it was for exam/proctoring reasons. I asked if it would have been okay to fly out for exams and she said that it wasn’t possible due to some volunteering/shadowing you have to complete. If online is something that interests you, I would recommend emailing
  4. That makes sense! I have a few more pre-reqs that I'm taking this semester, so hopefully it doesn't affect admissions. I also heard that professors don't have to provide letters, and that it is optional. I'm hoping that the department won't stress the letters too much. Thanks for sharing that information! Stay Safe!
  5. I thought I would ask this on the group, before I emailed and asked. I know that the UofA has a CR/NCR implemented for this semester, does this affect admissions in anyway, and should we be requesting letters from our professors? Just wondering if anyone has asked this yet, before I ask.
  6. It was either last year or the 2018 forum! I hope you hear back soon!!!
  7. Sorry! I should have mentioned, I’m able to view the classes available next year because I’m still a student at the UofA. I can send you screenshots of the classes/times or the info if you’d like!
  8. I just searched for CSD in the search bar of the “my planner” on bear tracks .
  9. On the planner for beartracks it shows that the classes have 61 students in them, and labs are divided into 30 and 31 students. As for the waitlist, I heard UofA usually has 10-15 people.
  10. Did you end up receiving an email asking for an updated transcript with a grading sheet? If it just said it on the admissions letter but you didn't receive an email asking for the updated transcript with grading sheet, then you're good! If you did end up receiving an email, they just want the grading scheme, like the page that indicates that a 4.0 = A+ = Excellent etc.. Does that make sense?
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