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  1. Yes I did! It feels almost archaic lol, I wonder if they're ever going to change their application process so you can upload the documents online. No worries! Fingers crossed
  2. My resume + info form are showing as received, but my GRE is still a blank. I'm trying not to be too !!!!!! about it because like you said, I've also read that their portal is on the slow side, haha! Also, @corinthians1614 said "I asked them about my checklist items and they said that it's fine if it doesn't say received, so long as the main things, like the application fee have been submitted and the application itself. If anything is outstanding after they go through the applications, they would let the applicants know. " (sorry, unsure how to quote two posts haha)
  3. On ORPAS, how many of your courses are listed under sub-GPA calculation? I'm a little puzzled bc mine shows 15, not 20 like I assumed it would.
  4. According to ORPAS my subGPA is 3.84. However, @GenerationSpeechie mentioned that they contacted ORPAS who said that this wasn't our actual subGPA, and that it would be fixed/updated later in February. Based on the chart mine seems accurate (I think? lol) so I'm not sure what exactly they'd change. Also, just something one of my supervisors told me that I think is useful/happy to keep in mind during this stressful time: we're finishing a degree! Not everyone gets the opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree, and we should be happy and proud of ourselves for that, regardless of our admissions results. Good luck everyone!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for all
  5. I was having this dilemma too! Just wondering, how did you update it/let them know? This just might be me having a brain fart moment but I can't seem to figure out how on the website.
  6. Does anyone else's application summary for Dalhousie have a blank for receiving the GRE?
  7. In my email from ORPAS it says "Beginning in February, applicants will have access to their ORPAS GPA and sub-GPA calculations" I hope it's sooner in February rather than later, I'm really curious
  8. You may have found this already, but on the ORPAS application portal sidebar, it should say OAUC reference number - I think this is the # they are looking for!
  9. @speech2020ana hey! I submitted my application before 2 of my references submitted their letters (looks like we both have slow-poke writers lol), and they were still able to upload afterwards! The only thing was, once you submitted the application you don't have access to the portal for ~ a day.
  10. On Alberta's preparatory course list, they say to provide proof of enrolment if you haven't taken a prereq yet. For those of you who haven't taken the Indigenous History course, how are you filling out this section on the sheet?
  11. Thanks for contacting them @smellyrich! I agree, that is definitely a little confusing, I would rather a more specific answer. I read elsewhere that someone included the hours/week in "total hours" as well, so something like: Duration: 2 years Hours: 300, 3 hours/week ahhhh!!!
  12. Hi guys! Does anyone know the difference between duration and total hours when entering volunteer experiences in ORPAS? Like, would duration be "1 year" and hours "200"? Or am I misunderstanding?
  13. Hey @/əˈmændæ/ ! It actually wasn't too bad - I did the systems check practice test the day before to give me an idea of what to expect (and to calm me down haha). Definitely felt like my answers could have been longer, but writing three questions in five minutes is hard. All in all though, not too stressful, and I skipped the optional 15 minute break so it only took about an hour.
  14. Hey guys! @speech2020 I also don't have a clue about that, sorry I'm also applying to McGill and Alberta @v.lee! I actually just wrote the CASPer test for them yesterday. I'm also applying to Dal, U of T, and Western -- I know that is potentially excessive (and expensive) but I am in the same nervous boat as you are. I'm sure the applicant pool will be strong and competitive as always, ahhhh! Just curious, have you taken U of A's Indigenous studies course yet? Not sure if I should take it or wait until it's necessary, aka if I'm lucky enough to get accepted, lol
  15. Holy cow, a 90 equates to a B+ for you? Wouldn't that be converted to each school's grading scale?
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