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  1. Hi everyone! Has anyone who has accepted their offer at UBC or McGill heard anything from the SLP department since the schools have announced their decision for online learning in the fall? I'll be attending U of T but since they haven't announced anything yet, I'm curious as to what other SLP departments have been saying.
  2. This isn't directly SLP related, but have you considered volunteering as a conversation partner in an online ESL convo circle/class? I know my university's volunteer office has been advertising online opportunities to do so because of COVID, and it's at least something semi-relevant if you can't manage to find SLP volunteer hours
  3. Hey there! I would suggest checking out this link that @Slpqwe posted: I found it useful in helping me make a decision!!
  4. I will be declining my offers at Alberta and Western! Still deciding between Toronto and McGill
  5. Hiya!! The structure is what I'm focusing on too. I really like the way Toronto's unit structure works, but I do think it's awesome that McGill has the weekly placements from the beginning of the program (but I'm worried about having shorter external placements at the same time). I'm also thinking about Montreal vs. Toronto. I've been to Montreal a bunch of times and looooved it, but have never been in Toronto at all, so I don't really know what it's like!!
  6. Congratulations everyone and good luck to those on waitlists!! I was accepted at U of T and Western I'll be declining my offer at Western and Alberta. I'm going to be deciding between Toronto and McGill - does anyone have any opinions on the programs (like for you personally, what would be your pros and cons?)
  7. in their email confirming the receipt of documents it says we will be notified in april! i imagine (and hope lol) that the first round of offers will be early april, and maybe later acceptances off of the waitlist in may!
  8. @CSD I'm not the person you replied to, but I joined the U of A group without knowing whether or not I'll accept the offer, as well. I don't think it's a matter of seriousness towards the program's offer; I think it's a nice way to get to know (potential) classmates and have the opportunity to chat a bit about the school/city, which for me is helpful in making my decision I'll be sure when I make my decision to remove myself from whatever school groups that I won't be attending! All the best!
  9. Hi Kira! From what I can tell from the website and from the McGill SLP alumni I've spoken with, bilingual students have an increased opportunity to have practicum in the health care settings in the internal placements during the fall and winter semesters. And then for the summer placements, if you're willing to leave Montreal to complete them (which I think a lot of non-Quebecois students do), you shouldn't have trouble getting a placement in your area of choice [and PS I am in your boat, too. Lots of French Immersion experience but definitely not comfortable enough for fast-paced place
  10. Hi guys! I would also be super interested in this
  11. Thank you! I received it at 4:15pm NST, so around 2:45pm in Montreal!
  12. I did too!! I’m in shock?!?! Congratulations!! Sending everyone good luck vibes!
  13. does anyone else who got accepted to U of A still have no update/official offer in their portal?
  14. That would be really fantastic if you don't mind/have time! Thank you! I'm mostly curious about the times
  15. Thank you for the info! Do you happen to have already taken courses at U of A? I was looking around and I think the planner may actually be a feature for students who have already been enrolled
  16. Where did you find a planner on beartracks? I can't seem to find anything beyond the list of course offerings haha!
  17. To those wondering about the transcript, I was confused too. I emailed Vicky and mentioned that I had no transcript update prompt and she said it was just for people who didn't include a transcript with grading scales/up-to-date transcripts so I didn't need to upload one! So I think that if you don't get the email on the portal, then you're fine!
  18. Congratulations everyone!!! I received mine from U of A earlier today too! I am so thrilled it feels surreal!
  19. Just curious, what are everyone's top choices (or choice) and why?
  20. Yes I did! It feels almost archaic lol, I wonder if they're ever going to change their application process so you can upload the documents online. No worries! Fingers crossed
  21. My resume + info form are showing as received, but my GRE is still a blank. I'm trying not to be too !!!!!! about it because like you said, I've also read that their portal is on the slow side, haha! Also, @corinthians1614 said "I asked them about my checklist items and they said that it's fine if it doesn't say received, so long as the main things, like the application fee have been submitted and the application itself. If anything is outstanding after they go through the applications, they would let the applicants know. " (sorry, unsure how to quote two posts haha)
  22. On ORPAS, how many of your courses are listed under sub-GPA calculation? I'm a little puzzled bc mine shows 15, not 20 like I assumed it would.
  23. According to ORPAS my subGPA is 3.84. However, @GenerationSpeechie mentioned that they contacted ORPAS who said that this wasn't our actual subGPA, and that it would be fixed/updated later in February. Based on the chart mine seems accurate (I think? lol) so I'm not sure what exactly they'd change. Also, just something one of my supervisors told me that I think is useful/happy to keep in mind during this stressful time: we're finishing a degree! Not everyone gets the opportunity to complete an undergraduate degree, and we should be happy and proud of ourselves for that, regardless of our
  24. I was having this dilemma too! Just wondering, how did you update it/let them know? This just might be me having a brain fart moment but I can't seem to figure out how on the website.
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