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  1. I was accepted to Western. I will be declining my offer to Alberta, hopefully someone gets off the waitlist!
  2. I spoke to soon! I was just contacted by Janet from Western via email and was offered a position off the waitlist. I will be accepting my offer. I was accepted to Alberta so I will not be declining that offer. Hopefully someone from the Alberta waitlist will be hearing soon!
  3. I am guessing you were in the first quadrant, I am in the first quadrant and still have not been accepted off the waitlist
  4. I’m in the first quadrant and I still haven’t been offered a spot
  5. Lucky people who get accepted to more than one school, if you know which offers you will be declining can you post so us stressed few on the waitlists can get an idea of how much it will move please! Thank you & congratulations! 💗
  6. Hey! Not to get anyones hopes up but I know If I get into Western or UofT (I find out April 1) I will be declining my offer to Alberta that day! Ill keep you guys updated good luck to everyone I know this wait is hard but we will make it were almost there!
  7. I received an email from Vicki saying I was accepted to U of A but my portal still hasn't updated it says pre screening so I don't have the option to accept or decline the offer. Is this the same for anyone else thats been accepted?
  8. Congratulations to everyone who was accepted to UofA & good luck to everyone who’s still waiting to hear back! If anyone is interested in making a facebook group for those who got into UofA message me! 😁
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