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  1. Degree: Undergrad in Cognitive Science of Language, 1 year post-grad in Speech and Language Sciences GPA: ORPAS subGPA was 3.74 (a little bit on the lower end so I'm super nervous about this) Experience/Volunteering: I'm currently working at an assistive tech company that created an AAC app. I'm also working as a tutor for a 5-year-old with global developmental delay and creating resources for a speech clinic. In terms of volunteering, I have around 200 hours volunteering with a S-LP in a school board, rehab hospital (adults- feeding), 2 speech clinics with kiddos. I was a research a
  2. Under Document Tracking and in the transcript section, I have all of my transcripts but I also have "Details Not Specific/Details P- 0" Anyone know what that means? Kinda freaking out.
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