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  1. Western students got a brief email from the SLP department that basically said stay tuned but they're planning for both in-person and online delivery. The president of Western gave this official update (https://www.uwo.ca/coronavirus/presidents-updates/) stressing that they will follow a mixed model approach wherever possible: "While some might say that moving entirely online in the fall semester is the most straightforward solution, I am persuaded that the mixed model would ultimately be better for our community. The isolation of the last two months has reminded us all of the essential value
  2. Hey! Congrats on your acceptance! I'm glad to see the waitlist is moving. Here is the FB https://www.facebook.com/groups/3677719742298279/
  3. I have not heard anything yet and I was position 5 on the waitlist .... I was sure 5 people would have declined their offers... I just keep waiting
  4. Did anyone who accepted their offer at Western get an email confirmation from admissions?
  5. Hey all! Could anyone who is declining Western give me insight in to your decision? I am thankful I got into both of the schools I applied to and my top choice has always been Western (it's where I did my undergrad) but now I am weighing my options more. What draws you to other schools over Western?
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