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  1. Hey guys! I just got the acceptance email as well! Does anyone know how they will notify you about financial aid or scholarships?
  2. I need all five prereqs-but they all seem to need another class to override. Basically, I can't take them all at the same time at USU which I have to do to start fall.
  3. I'm thinking of declining an online program-but I submitted a deposit already there. Is it ok to email them and tell them I will be accepting another school? thanks!
  4. Does anyone know of any online programs to take prerequisites over the summer that are affordable? Thanks!
  5. Do any students go into Travel SLP after they graduate for their CFY year? I'm really interested in this! Thanks!
  6. Does anyone know of any way to afford this? It just seems too expensive if I don't get. any scholarships. .
  7. Hey! Has anyone received any scholarships for NYU Speech Online? Or is it all loans? thx
  8. I got into both NYU Speech online and TC and I'm also trying to decide. I don't know yet if I have any scholarship or aid from either school, so I'm going to contact them about that.
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