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  1. I was an out of field as a psych major and got into all 12 programs I applied to! I had a few prerequisites done but a few weren’t done until that spring after I already got into the schools! You’re so fine as long as your gpa, GRE and essays are good, 100% apply.
  2. Hi! I was SO nervous applying to graduate school because I was out of field major, and I still had a few more prerequisites to take in the spring (most were done by December when most apps were due, but i still had 3 left to take in the spring) I worked really hard on my applications to make up for my lack of experience that some of the CSD majors I knew had (research, teacher assistant, studying abroad to shadow an SLP etc..) So I was a psych major- graduated with a 3.86 GPA and then got 4.0 in all my prerequisites through an online bridge program (FSU) where I got my undergrad. They have no clue if they were online or not, nothing on your transcript mentions that. I had a few shadowing experiences i was able to write about but no research or anything spectacular. I got in the mid 150s for my GRE and a 5 (92%) on the essay. I did have a really good personal statement and worked hard on my other essays some schools required. I got into every single school I applied to- Teachers College Columbia, BU, MGH, NYU, NYMC, Hofstra etc.... I didn't have a problem getting in anywhere but I think it was because of my undergrad gpa being decent, getting all As in my prerequisites but especially my personal statement & essays. Ultimately I decided to go to Columbia, but after realizing how much it would cost (120K in just tuition) without the cost of eating breathing living in NYC it just wasn't worth being in that debt to get paid the exact same if I went anywhere else. but i'm from Florida and out of state so I had a different situation. Although it kills me, I decided to attend a school in south FL close to home where its less than a quarter of the price. SLPs dont get paid a whole lot as it is so I really had to be smart about this decision... even if it meant giving up my dream school that I worked so hard to get into. let me know if theres any other questions you have!!! I hope I helped a little.
  3. hi! This was literally me a year ago. I started FSU bridge program Summer 2018, I just completed it this spring but applied for Fall 2019 admission. So I applied with everyone else. Some schools just want the classes done before you begin graduate school, but some do want them or most of them done before you apply. So there were a few schools I didn't waste my time applying to since I knew I wouldn't have enough classes completed in time. But I got into all 13 schools I applied to, with no issues. I got into top programs- BU, MGH, Columbia etc... no problem. I just submitted the classes I had and what classes were in progress! Message me if you want any more info!!
  4. I got into my dream school (Columbia)... but will need to take out an insane amount of loans to pay for tuition & cost of living. vs. attending a state school which will be almost free with a few scholarships i got. I don't know if going to an ivy league will benefit myself and my career... or if it doesn't matter and the loans are not worth it. They have an amazing program and offer a lot more than the state school especially for medical slp. I want to become a professor possibly eventually and think maybe a masters from Columbia would make a difference. Some people say, the better school is worth it and others say go where you'll have the least amount of loans If anyone has any advice would greatly appreciate it!!! Especially if you were in this position before :)
  5. I was wondering if anyone has taken a Speech Science or Speech Hearing Science fully online anywhere, that was easy and not proctored? (if it was a hybrid class that would be great too) I was thinking about ENMU but sounds like the professor isn't the best. Thanks in advance!!
  6. I'm an out of field applicant, the only experience I had was shadowing a speech pathologist in a school and private setting as I was applying to schools. I was super worried about not having research or experience as well! I ended up getting into all 12 schools I applied to, I got into top programs like MGH & BU but will be attending Columbia! So don't worry about it, but I would try to see if you could shadow anyone because it will help for your essays, being able to talk about your experiences! I think my essays were stronger because I was able to tie in those experiences!
  7. I was going to apply but I heard that if you go to a school with a bilingual extension they are more likely to pick those students over monolingual, is that true?
  8. I went to FSU for undergrad and then did their bridge program online for the prerequisites and had a great experience with it!! Obviously not the same but I know I’ve seen this girl on YouTube talk a lot about her experience and she is in the distance learning program. She has literally made 100 videos about her daily life in the program here’s one if you want to check out her page
  9. Undergrad cumulative gpa out of field major I had a 3.85, last 60 hours was a 3.95 and my CSD gpa for the prerequisites was a 4.0 Literally not sure which one they use lol
  10. Pretty sure I’m declining MGH, BU, NYU, Hofstra, yeshiva, FAU, Nova hope this helps someone!!
  11. cef26


    Im deciding between Columbia and NYU
  12. Is anyone considering NYU on campus?
  13. I’m literally in the exact same boat as you (minus the bilingual program). DoE is great but not for what I want to do, which totally sucks. But may be worth doing it to be debt free 😫 I wish there were other options
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