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  1. cef26

    SLP Declining Offers Thread 2019

    Pretty sure I’m declining MGH, BU, NYU, Hofstra, yeshiva, FAU, Nova hope this helps someone!!
  2. cef26


    Im deciding between Columbia and NYU
  3. cef26


    Is anyone considering NYU on campus?
  4. I’m literally in the exact same boat as you (minus the bilingual program). DoE is great but not for what I want to do, which totally sucks. But may be worth doing it to be debt free 😫 I wish there were other options
  5. Is anyone else deciding between the two schools? Waiting to hear about funding for both but they are both great programs just feel like NYU has so much information about Speech@NYU online program and not much about on-campus. Going to attend open houses, but can anyone share information on either? I want to be in the hospitals as a medical SLP so need to figure out which will be best for me! Wish I knew someone who is a current student in these programs. I'm from South Florida, so would be a big move.
  6. I just spoke to them! They said regardless of a scholarship or not you’ll get a financial aid letter, so if you did not get an email yet they come out on a rolling basis based on being processed
  7. Congrats to everyone!!! Does anyone know when scholarships/funding will be posted?
  8. Spoke to someone in admissions and he said to check at 5 pm today! He didn't sound certain but he said if it comes out it will be at 5pm
  9. They don’t have interviews! Just based off the application
  10. I called admissions and they told me since admitted student day is a lot earlier this year, the department is trying their hardest to get their decisions out since its usually mid march. I feel like the department would have a better idea when they will be released.
  11. cef26

    Yeshiva Speech Pathology

    @Nessie0067 Thank you so much for your feedback! I got a 30k scholarship so it could end up being the cheapest tuition for a NY school, but still waiting on NYU for scholarship and Columbia decisions. I was going to attend their open house, but I feel like you've explained what I would see lol. I am extremely interested in the medical side, which is why I applied but doesnt sound like you got a great feel from it. I got accepted back in December, and they have extended the deposit for me twice now, but I agree its super unfair to require one before April 15th.
  12. Having this issue with Yeshiva who gave me a HUGE scholarship but waiting to see if NYU will give me any money. I was able to have them push it back until end of March but I unfortunately may have to pay the deposit and lose it if I decide to go somewhere else. Does anyone know if putting multiple deposits down is ok? And you just lose your money... obviously don’t plan on doing that because I would never want to take someone’s spot but just wondering
  13. I saw people post last year how their application had an "in review" notification right before they found out, so I guess we'll have to wait for that first!

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