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  1. I submitted mine right after Christmas and I just heard back today! Good luck everyone!!
  2. Hi! Just wanted to say hello because I'm also a linguistics major and it looks like we applied to a lot of the same schools! Best of luck!!
  3. Does anyone have any advice on how "sentimental" vs "academic" to make a personal statement? I am getting a lot of mixed messages from people, ranging from "absolutely do not write a sob story about your grandma who had a stroke" to "make it heart-felt and personal!" I know you shouldn't *just* make it a personal narrative, but I'm afraid some schools will find my essay bland if I only write about coursework and research experiences. Any tips on how to balance these things?
  4. Hi everyone, I've found this forum to be so helpful in researching SLP grad programs, so I was hoping to post some questions I had here to maybe get some advice. I'm going into my senior year as a Psychology and Linguistics double major (with an English minor) and last year I decided I want to become an SLP. I have already taken some prerequisite courses at my school, but I have a number left to complete. They will all be completed by the time I finish my senior year, but not all will be completed before applications are due in December. After reading about how competitive SLP grad schools are and realizing that many people apply 3-4 times before getting accepted, I am starting to feel really panicked. I am a strong student (3.89 GPA at a top ten school) with research experience and have volunteered with special needs kids, as well as completed 25+ observation hours with SLPs. I am studying for the GRE now, so we'll see how that goes. I am just really nervous about applying this winter with only a handful of prereqs done. I am wondering if I should just wait a year to apply, after all my pre-reqs are completed. Overall, I'm feeling really scared that I won't be accepted and I would love to hear any advice or similar experiences you might have had.
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