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  1. Hey! Went there for undergrad and currently have a few friends in the grad program. It sounds like it is a challenging program, but also that's kinda grad school. Boulder is a fantastic place to live(:
  2. Hey! I'm sure you are going to do great on the GRE! I just wanted to drop in and recommend using gregmat.com as a studying resource. I really only used his material (plus the practice tests from ETS) and did very well. If you only have time for a few of his videos, I 100% recommend his writing videos. He breaks down exactly how to process the prompt and outline a response that gets you a high score. I scored a 5.0 on the writing with no preparation but his videos. My only other advice is to do what you know. I am much better at verbal than quant, so I really worked to optimize my v
  3. I declined at UT Austin, Portland State and San Diego State! I accepted at Arizona State University😊
  4. Has anyone heard back about the PrISMS funding at ASU? I’d love to make a decision but I’m still waiting to hear about funding and it’s getting close to the deadline. Thanks😊
  5. Hey! I’m also hoping to become a bilingual SLP, and I would consider myself a fairly advanced speaker of the language, but I’m not a native speaker. I learned in high school/college and in a few trips abroad. I’d be more than happy to help you out with the grammar side of things if you want. I used to tutor high school Spanish, so I’m pretty familiar with teaching it! Just send me a dm if you’re interested😊
  6. Have you heard anything back from PDX about GRA positions?
  7. Yep! They were all really helpful and were able to point me in the right direction.
  8. Hey! If you are interested in applying to general university scholarships, there is usually a link to an application somewhere on the FA website. Most general scholarships are for undergrads, but I've seen some schools offering scholarships for grad students. Doesn't hurt to check, though the deadlines for these apps are usually in February. For departmental funding (like TA/GRA positions, federal grants awarded to the SLHS department, or grader/hourly positions within the department), I would contact the Graduate Program Coordinator. This is likely the person who would have emailed you a
  9. Just popping in to say I finished my undergrad at Boulder in December and I honestly loved the town and the department. If they had a bilingual focus, I would do my graduate degree there in a heart beat. The town is super bike friendly, outdoorsy, and quirky. Plus, if you get bored of Boulder (which is hard to do), CU gives you a regional bus pass that can take you to Denver, Eldora (for skiing), Longmont, or Fort Collins. The area is great for exploring and getting outdoors - hiking, biking, climbing etc. If you need any extra tips on where to eat (and get good deals on food) or where t
  10. CU does have a leveling track that guarantees acceptance into the MA program and would be relatively affordable if you’re in-state! I know CU is competitive, but I think the leveling track may be less so.
  11. I’m very in favor of taking out no loans, even if it means pushing through two more winters in Illinois. With no student debt holding you down, you can take any job that interests you out of grad school. You can do your CFY specializing in autism in a state where you can soak in the sun everyday — and get paid to be there instead of racking up debt to be there. Vanderbilt is obviously an amazing school, but highly ranked schools don’t really make a difference in where you are employed afterwards when it comes to speech. And you can definitely specialize in autism without going to Vanderbilt.
  12. If you are going to reach out, I would contact Molly Rome! She's sent out all program emails so far and has been friendly and responsive to my questions 🙂
  13. I emailed each of my programs and requested information on the total cost of tuition. Some programs sent a nice chart explaining the total cost of the degree (not many though), while others told me the total number of credits I would take each semester and linked the cost of tuition per credit hour to the email. From there you can calculate what the degree will cost if you know the number of credits and the cost per credit. These numbers are still estimates though and don't include additional fees that might be added to your bill or changes in tuition rate for the 20/21 academic year. I
  14. I’m still considering it, but I’m going to apply to the GRA position and see how it goes! If I don’t get that, I’ll likely be attending SDSU since the program is cheaper. I think PDX has a great program though, so you probably can’t go wrong😊
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