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  1. I believe it was a day or two after April 15th!!
  2. I got off a waitlist and it turned out to be where I went to graduate school! It was nerve wracking, but such an elating feeling once it happened!! Good luck!
  3. Hey! Just messaging because I am a BGSU graduate! If any Ohio peeps have any questions about their program lmk 😃
  4. I went to graduate school out of state, too. It was my only acceptance, as I had lower stats as well. I didn't think I'd get in anywhere, but they gave me the chance of a life time. I was about 8 hours from home. I was super nervous to do that myself, because the furthest I had lived from home was two hours for undergrad. In all honesty, moving out of state and experiencing it was the best decision I ever made. I struggled at first, but I quickly figured out that it's temporary, and it will lead to the most opportunities you will have in your career for LIFE! I also had amazing support from t
  5. I did my undergrad at the University of Wisconsin Whitewater. Went elsewhere for my Masters but I graduated in 2016! I believe they have gone through some changes/improvements since I have been there, but Whitewater is a smaller town! It is nice because it's right between Milwaukee and Madison. Whitewater focuses a lot on their graduate program compared to undergrad (at least when I was there). In all honesty I felt ill prepared for graduate school leaving there, but I know the people who got their Masters from there left with a much better sense of mind than we had in undergrad and are d
  6. I also went to UW Whitewater for my undergraduate degree and can agree with this. I have heard very good things about the graduate program, but in undergrad it felt very unorganized. I felt underprepared for grad school personally and had to do a lot of my own research to get accepted somewhere. I graduated in 2016 so times have probably change as well. I also know the graduate program is very small and in a good location, which is ideal for a lot of people!
  7. OH MY GOSH YES!!! I'm so glad that it worked out!! Congratulations!!!! 😊😊 I grew up about 35-40 mins from there, so please let me know if you have any questions about the area or the school!!
  8. I have made the majority of my life long friends in my cohort. You are all in it together and it isn't the same competitive-ness of undergrad!! So yes I am sure you will make good friends 😀
  9. Do you have copies of them? You could just scan them to your email or laptop and upload from there. I didn't apply there but that's what it sounds like to me? Plus then you could keep your copies and send them out if need be.
  10. Keep me posted!! I am from Wisconsin so I can definitely help you if you ever need opinions or anything!!
  11. I'm not sure how out of state you are willing to try, but Concordia University Wisconsin is starting a new program that just became accredited this Spring. They have rolling admissions if they do not have enough of the priority applications. May want to check it out? They are not on ASHA Ed Find but I found it on their website. I am from Wisconsin and love that campus! https://www.cuw.edu/academics/programs/speech-language-pathology-masters/index.html#admissions
  12. That I am not sure. I did not write a thing and I got in. I have heard mixed reactions about writing an email, so I steered away from that personally. I'm not sure how it would deter your chances if they already ranked the waiting list, though!
  13. I went to BGSU for graduate school and loved it! The area is small with not a lot happening, but the program and faculty were awesome. You find enough to do especially as you become greater friends with your cohort. I loved my time there. Message if you have any questions!!
  14. I was waitlisted at BGSU in 2016 and got admitted!! Not sure the chances but I want to say a little less than half our cohort was waitlisted.
  15. Yes I agree- being confident in yourself brings you a long way! Also agree that it would be good to have at least 2-3 questions you can ask them written down. Every interview I went to left a section for me to ask questions. That also applies to interviews for SLP jobs, so it's better to practice now! And just honest-- talk about who you are, and what specifically they like about your program. I remember one interview asked me what I liked specifically about the city the program is in, which I did not expect! So may be good to know some of the potential clinic placements that interest you, as
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