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  1. I have my bachelors in SLP, however one graduate program I'm applying to won't accept my current clinical methods course so I am taking USU's clinical methods course in their leveling program. I'm also a BCBA!!!! Happy to see other BCBAs to SLPs 😄
  2. Hello all! I never thought I'd make it back onto this website, but here I am. I graduate with my M.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis here in a month from a top university in my field. It's a terminal masters degree, I'd say similar to M.S. in CMHC for those unfamiliar with ABA. It pushes a scientist-practitioner model strongly. In short, I provide a therapeutical service to individuals focusing on their behavior, changing behavior and using the science of behaviorism to teach new behaviors. I have a 4.0 graduate school average. Unfortunately, while here, I didn't really get involved i
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