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  1. See if you can work as an audiologist assistant or tech! I did it for a year and it helped me get into grad school and gave me a unique edge to other candidates!
  2. Hey everyone What are some things you wish you had in grad school or are thankful that you currently have? Just trying to get ready like everyone else!
  3. I’m just not sure how much I can raise my Gre scores! But of course realistically my only options are to build experience or the Gre!
  4. So I recently graduated with my BA in Communication Disorders. Average Gpa (3.5), average Gre score (147 quant, 153 verbal and a 3 on writing). Tons of volunteer experience with leadership positions. Conducted and kept up with research in Modified Barium studies under a professor. It’s looking like I’m taking a gap year but I’m not sure how to improve my application. Does anyone have any suggestions? I’m open to anything! Thank you!!
  5. Yeah are y'all just retaking CSD courses or any class that you got low grades in?
  6. How do you take graduate level classes without being accepted to a program? Is it in another field or do you just apply for them in your undergrad program?
  7. I'm currently on 4 waitlist that do not rank placement, and I'm hoping for a miracle!!!! Let's hope that on April 15/16 we all get good news!
  8. Hey everyone, I'm just curious as to how interviews work! I got accepted for an interview at Samford University and I'm super excited about it! But I'm not sure how to prepare for an interview like that other then researching more about the schools and teachers!
  9. What about languages other then Spanish, my minor is French, and I'm curious to see how that impacts my chances!
  10. I started my update in the end of December and it just went through this morning! I would HIGHLY suggest doing it, especially if you don't have amazing grades, and your last semesters are a huge improvement!
  11. I took a writing CD class at my school, and we literally only wrote our SOP's and resumes! The teacher in the past had served on admission committees so I want to say I've got decent SOP's lol
  12. I really don't want to try and take the gre again. It burnt me out haha. But I've got tons of experience and I know I'll have amazing letters of rec and a bomb SOP. I've got a working list of 22 schools and I'm going to start touring the ones I can get to easily!
  13. My gpa is a 3.33 and will go up after this semester and my Gre score was a 300 with 147 in quant and 153 in verbal. I don't know my essay score just yet because I took the Gre on Thursday. I've got a list of schools that my scores fit in to I'm just worried about not getting in anywhere!
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