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  1. @rebeccank17 I would say go for it, if you have the money to do so. I had a GPA just slightly above yours, average GRE scores, and 4 years of relevant work experience. I retook two courses that I got C's in the first time. I retook them at ENMU online and got A's. I don't know if that is specifically what got me into 4 of the schools I applied to, but every bit helps!
  2. Yeah, I had Bougie! Could not think of her name at all
  3. I took A&P online at ENMU but I can’t remember the professors name...she wasn’t the most lively person but it could’ve been worse! I was able to get an A.
  4. Hello! I’m trying to get some info about TWU. Does anyone go here for undergrad, grad, or know much about it? Is anyone else accepted on here and going or considering? I’m wondering what a typical week looks like. I know classes are on both the Denton and Dallas campuses and are in the evening usually...How often do you have practicum? It seems like you go somewhere different every semester, do you have a say in the location and/or type of sites? Where should you live since it seems like traveling is inevitable?! Any info is appreciated!
  5. I accepted my spot at Texas Woman's University TWU! I most likely have to start in summer. Anyone else going here or know much about the program? I think there are classes on both the Denton and Dallas campuses, so not really sure how that works. Any info is appreciated!
  6. I just got off the waitlist at TWU! It is possible everyone! And I definitely emailed all of my waitlisted schools basically just asking for more info about it and confirming that I was still interested. The least they can do is tell you sorry no we can't give you more info until after April 15th.
  7. Maryville University! I haven't heard back from any of the other waitlists though, so I'm not sure how things will end up but I am beyond relieved. I have been working in the field (ABA then SLPA) since undergrad and retook a few classes online (got a C in anatomy the first time around eek). Never give up if this is truly what you want!!
  8. I started this thread and just got off a waitlist today!!!!!! I am freaking out...never thought this day would come for me! Good luck everyone, it IS possible!
  9. Well 25 doesn’t seem too bad! Good luck with your other schools!
  10. Waitlist queen over here. I’m on six waitlists! Hoping to get in at least one; top choices would be TWU (Texas womans) or WSU (Washington state). Anyone have any info about these? Know how many got in from the waitlist last year?
  11. @AlwaysaFalcon what is the interest rate like on your Salie mae loan if you don’t mind me asking?
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