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  1. Yes it was over the phone. Off the top of my head I only remember 3. Why did you choose SLP? What is your plan for the next 5 years. What is your plan if you don't get into grad school?
  2. I believe the distance cohort is 100% online while the LA cohort requires you to meet in LA 1x a month.
  3. If you applied to Baylor check your spam folder! Mine was sent on the 22nd of February. Just realized until now. 😒
  4. Yes for the CA cohort. Im super excited! I was denied at Northern Arizona and still waiting on Baylor.
  5. I just recieved my acceptance letter! I am accepting and I'm so excited!
  6. You can checkout "NAU Grad Student" on Facebook for housing.
  7. I have an update. I had my interview yesterday and I think it went well! Preparing definitely helped. He said the committee will review applications this week and that they will send notices next Monday. They are still reviewing applications.
  8. @lmelly16 Congrats! Are you accepting? I applied to Baylor and Northern Arizona University but I have not heard anything yet. I am keeping my options open but its hard when you don't have any (acceptances). 😅
  9. @lmelly16 Yes the prerequisite is from ENMU. I am also taking Aural Rehab. Thank you I will give them a call.
  10. My interview is on Sunday. I will prepare for sure! Does anyone know when the tuition is due for ENMU? I plan on paying once I get my paycheck.
  11. @BenC26 Thank you for the advice! I will keep you updated.
  12. Hi guys! I also have news! I got an email today asking for an interview. The interview will be over the phone (30min) with a grad student. Does anyone have any tips? My advisor did say they still had spots available. Im thinking like @kryystaalp that they are waiting for everyone to interview before they make a decision.
  13. @kryystaalp @lmelly16 I am in the same position I just registerd for Aural Rehab this week. But my counselor has been keeping me updated. He said the department will reach out if they want an interview.
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