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  1. @emdspeech I recently applied for the May Cohort as well. If you don't mind me asking when did you submit your application for Baylor? What was the timeline for their decision?
  2. @alyssafrancis Oh wow! So they are doing rolling admission Or may still have spots for the summer cohort! Do you know how the classes will be scheduled? I live about...2-3 hours from LA and I am wondering if it would be a good fit. I remember reading that the classes will be on the weekends in person?
  3. Is anyone applying for the LA Cohort for the Summer of 2020? I need more information before applying.
  4. I don't think so.... since CSDCAS only allows up to five evaluations.
  5. I know someone who got in! She recieved her acceptance this past Wednesday.
  6. Just some of my favorite accounts! speechroomnews grahamspeechtherapy speechymusings deborahbrookscccslp whitneyslp thedabblingspeechie rockchalkspeechtalk crazyspeechworld speechythings pandaspeech easyspeechie
  7. Yes. SLP Stephen is an SLP who stutters! He provides so much great information on instagram.
  8. @plughes I would take it as good news! If they have sent rejection letters and you have not recieved one then you are still being considered. I know the wait is terrible but I would wait until April 15.
  9. I was thinking of starting an IG account. Maybe I'll give it a go. So what kind of info might be helpful apart from (GRE´╗┐ info, CSDCAS and how to navigate ASHA EdFind)? How often would you like to see a post/story?
  10. There is also podcasts if anyone is interested. I like life over speech. They recorded a couple episodes while they were still in grad school.
  11. @Ggslpa Yes don't give up hope! We still have a chance! @Toya Were they on the waiting list? I have been wanting to email them but I dont want to be too pushy.
  12. Waitlisted at NAU summer program.
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