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  1. Those that are currently in graduate school and/or just graduated. I would super appreciate details regarding the praxis! What should my focus be on? Any specific topics? thank you in advance
  2. You're going to be so busy in grad school, so definitely look into the best program for you. Best of luck on your decision!
  3. Most definitely! Are you leaning towards one school over the other?
  4. The cool thing about UoP is that everything is set up for you (internship, externship). You can be anywhere in California for your medical externship which is such a neat thing, so if you want to go to Southern California, you definitely can. Obviously Stockton isn't the coolest/safest place to live but some areas are actually very pleasant (by the water). I'll be honest and say that due to the rapid rate of the program, the location doesn't make much of a difference because we are very busy. Just be ready to work long days during the week I'm seriously so lucky to be in this program. I would recommend visiting the department if you have further questions
  5. There are MANY opportunities for loan forgiveness. Specifically Stockton/Fairfield unified. I'm not sure on specifics, but they offer a good amount. A few people in my program have signed already
  6. Hi all- i currently go to UOP and thought I'd chime in to this post. UOP's accelerated program is unlike any other program. The support from the facult as well as the other students is amazing. I'm thoroughly impressed with the program. If you want a small, supportive, collaborative and HANDS-ON program, uop is the way to go. I'm happy to answer any questions you may have. Although the price is somewhat of a "turn off" I can most definitely say you get what you pay for, and I wouldn't pick a program solely on price. Dig through the other programs websites and just make sure you choose a program that fits YOU.
  7. Hey guys - has anyone taken an easy online physical science class (chemistry/physics) online? If so, wheres a good place? I know it's pretty last minute to take a summer course, but if anyone has any leads I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks!
  8. Anyone know anything with Idaho State's on campus admission status??
  9. Has anyone not heard back from Midwestern downers grove either? Should I assume if I haven't received a message for an interview that I am rejected?
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