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  1. I recorded lectures on my mac and didn't ask for permission. I also didn't share them with anyone
  2. I bought a new lap top just because mine was older and running slower, but you really dont need to invest your money on a computer, there are probably other things you'll want to spend money on.
  3. I took it online! I didn't want to take it during my graduate school year, you have so much else to worry about! I can't imagine taking another class. I took it at USU and I really enjoyed it.
  4. Buying a house and student debt! How does that work, especially with CFY year being at a lower salary then when you get an actual job.
  5. I agree with everyone, try finding some sort of funding and really work on that. I think you miss all the shots you don't take right, but at the end of the day making a pro and con list and talking to people who know you might help clear up the decision. I love what I do, I came from a complete different background so I understand. its scary moving on when you know you don't want to do something, I am an older student now and I don't regret leaving behind my other career. Sleep on it and make a pro and con list. Also talk to someone, maybe an advisor etc. Also don't be swayed by on
  6. I went to UMD and my whole class has some sort of funding. Its been very affordable, and if you get funding you get in state tuition.
  7. Personally I didn't, I think there are a lot of people that are willing to read your application, including professors etc that can give you very good feedback.
  8. I live in the Chevy Chase area which is close by, I attend UMD but if you want some tips on anything around the area let me know!
  9. I would try to submit them! Especially if they are in categories that you could not get in grad school, e.g. Modalities!
  10. I did some research there, Dr. Stillman is so nice. I think just getting involved with their faculty there can put you in a better position. You miss all the shots you don't take, rejection sucks, but it makes you better because you can get some feedback on what youre missing and retry. Its scary but you can do it!
  11. It depends for me, I like having my computer because its faster, but I turn off the internet because that can be distracting.I also like taking notes on paper when I am super distracted. Most of my class uses their computers.
  12. I think building relationships with the schools you are most interested in, maybe volunteer in a lab. There are always ways, if you want it you can do it!
  13. I agree with all of these. You need a pair of good dress pants, some flats and just regular clothes. You just need to look nice for clinic but you dont need to break the bank, marshalls, TJ maxx are great places to shop!
  14. I just posted a blog on ten things you need for graduate school. Things I wish I knew, You'll probably cry and its fine, its nothing to be ashamed of, you need to find at least one good friend, and when I mean good friend, like someone you can trust. It will make the difference, that you should put some efforts into building relationships with both your classmates and your supervisors. I wish I knew that, it was going to feel bad to not know anything but that feeling of being uncomfortable was just temporary. I wish that I followed my gut more, and wasn't so worried about what I was doin
  15. I am doing a 20 hour assistantship, which covers almost all of my tuition and gives me a stipend of 24k a year. It also allotted me in state tuition for Maryland.
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