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  1. jackim

    Planning Admissions 2019

    I'm here! No Facebook group that I'm aware of. PM me and we can start one!
  2. jackim

    Planning Admissions 2019

    Hi everyone! I applied to Dalhousie and McGill. Got accepted to Dalhousie today. Still under review for McGill. Very excited and relieved to have an acceptance though!
  3. jackim

    Planning Admissions 2019

    I've read that some people have called and found their decision by calling. Check out the discussion on the results page for U of T planning.
  4. jackim

    Planning Admissions 2019

    I'm still waiting for Dal, what was your application like?
  5. jackim

    Planning Admissions 2019

    Hi everyone! I only applied to 2, McGill and Dalhousie. Considered Ryerson but I didn't want to go through their cover letter process after spending so much time on Dal and McGill. Both of my applications are Under Review still. Good luck to all!

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