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  1. I just got accepted to that program yesterday. I still recall that it should not take too long to change from the status "pre-screening" to "under review". Did you submit the application on the deadline February 1? Maybe you should contact them immediately about this.
  2. I think you are still in the pool! My friend has the "under review" status as of today, and he's an extreme well-prepared candidate in terms of the GPA and work-related experience (plus he has already got accepted to schools like UCLA and Berkeley). However, I don't have a strong GPA and experience. Now getting the "Decision Made" status definitely makes me feel like it is a 100% rejection LOL Anyway, I am sure I will hear something in the next few days. The good thing is I have already got accepted to 2 schools, which I won't be too stressed about the U of T result.
  3. Btw does anyone hear anything from the U of T? My status changed from "Under Review" to "Decision Made" today, and I haven't received anything from it.
  4. Hello there! I am in the same situation as you as I have got accepted to both Dalhousie and Calgary! I am leaning towards to Calgary because it is a bigger city with more potential opportunities. One thing that I find is that Calgary doesn't mandate any internship during the summer, while Dalhousie mandates it in the summer.
  5. Just got accepted to Dalhousie today! Still waiting to hear news from Toronto, Queens and Alberta.
  6. Thanks! No i haven't received any email about my application being under-review. The order is arranged according to the deadline of application. Calgary has an early deadline on Jan 15 and Queens has the deadline on March 1. The rest are between Jan 31 and Feb 1.
  7. Thank you! I just checked my application and the status is the same as yours.
  8. Hello everyone! Heres' my list so far University of Calgary (Got accepted on Feb 21) University of Toronto (Under Review) Dalhousie University (Under Review) Queens University (Under Review) University of Alberta (Under Review) Good luck everyone!
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