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  1. Curious to see if you’ve heard anything from Akron yet? I’m rooting for you!!! ❤️❤️
  2. I have 2 clients, an adult (expressive aphasia) and a child (artic/basic language) that I will begin to see in the next few weeks. I'm SO nervous and have no idea where to even begin with treatment! I know I will be guided by my clinical supervisors, but I'm so afraid that they're going to think I'm dumb because I literally have no idea what to do. HELP!
  3. I need a good, cute sturdy tote bag for grad school! I got a cheap one from target and after 1 week I can tell it’s going to fall apart. Any recommendations?
  4. slp2be2018

    Recording lectures allowed?

    My professor outwardly said on the first day NO recording. So that answered my question 😅.
  5. slp2be2018

    Recording lectures allowed?

    It seems to record very well using an iPad and notability! I could hear very clearly.
  6. @Mommy4 I turned down my interview but I do know a friend who got their acceptance. 😕
  7. slp2be2018

    Paying off undergraduate loans before graduate school?

    I would look into an online program if you’re needing to work as well! If you found an SLPA job in conjunction to doing your master’s (which some programs require) then you can count those hours toward your master’s AND make an income! Good luck to you. I follow Dave Ramsey’s envelope method too 😊
  8. I’m taking notes on the notability app and am questioning whether I would get into trouble if I recorded lectures for me to be able to review later on. I know one of my professors in the past was angry with one of my classmates for recording the lecture and sending it to another classmate, so if I asked her I’m pretty certain she’d say no. I’m not sure if it’s worth the risk, or would even be beneficial to have these lectures recorded but I thought I’d ask for someone’s experiences/advice about it!
  9. @SLPhopeful2018 Hi! I received an email from them on July 11 offering an interview for their program. Interviews were Monday July 23 and/or Wednesday July 25. You may reach out to Dr. Richards there and see if they received your application.
  10. @Afternoonprogram Thank you! How old is your little one? I've definitely heard that my program adds things at the last minute and that I have to learn to be flexible, which makes me nervous. I am very organized and like consistency, so the thought of disorganized chaos makes me VERY nervous. Two years seems like such a short amount of time for a lifetime of reward and great career options. Thanks for mentioning the self-advocating. I find myself worried that I'm a burden that I hesitate to stand up for myself on clinic times since I have much more going on than my cohort peers for the most part. Good luck as you finish your last year.
  11. @utteranomalyThank you so much! Congratulations on almost being done with graduate school! That is such a great accomplishment. How old is your little one?
  12. Hey @Easy Speechie, I've listened to almost all of your podcast episodes and I've LOVED it! I hope you continue to add more episodes soon.
  13. @StPaulCCC OH! HAHA. My bad.
  14. @StPaulCCC OH! HAHA. My bad.
  15. @StPaulCCC What is "I wish I had an idea of what I was getting myself into"? Is it a book?

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