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  1. I applied to over ten schools, as I had a low gpa. I recommend if you’re nervous about acceptance and want to widen your possibilities, definitely apply to more, but only schools/areas you could see yourself at. Any school will get you the degree, but you have to like the school and the area you’ll be in for 2 years.
  2. I recorded the lectures for classes that I felt like I lost focus easily in. I would play the lectures back when I would be folding laundry or getting ready in the morning kind of like a podcast. I never asked professors about recording lectures unless it was explicitly stated not to. I just used an app called “Voice Recorder” with an icon that looks like a tape recorder.
  3. -Take time for you doing something you like, whether it’s getting your nails done or reading a book—helps reduce stress and gives you a well-needed break! -Save resources professors give you, whether it’s powerpoints or research articles—you may need them later! -TPT is a great resource for some pre-made stuff or a good starting template
  4. Hello there! Had an overall undergraduate gpa of 3.45 and a major gpa of somewhere around a 3.0. Since my gpa was low, I made sure everything else in my application was the best it could be by making sure my GRE was in the higher range (above a 153 for both sections and at least a 4 in writing), and get letters of rec from professors who actually knew me and could attest to my dedication. I also made sure to work my personal statement around why my gpa was low, and why everything else about me mattered more and how I had learned from past mistakes in classes and had moved forward. Bust out your final year of classes with good grades, do volunteering or work related to the field and try to get a recommendation from those you work with. I took an extra semester in the end to boost my gpa, and while grad apps were in spring limbo I worked as a substitute teacher for a special needs school—got great experience working with kiddos and got a great letter of rec from my boss. Apply to a lot of schools, but make sure that most of them are attainable (look at school stats on Asha edufind). I applied to 12 schools, got waitlisted to 2 and got into 1. Applying was one of the most stressful times of my life and I know that it was the same for a lot of other people here. Try your hardest, but know that if you do not get in the first year that it is okay—that happens to a lot of people. Just keep working hard and a school will see your dedication to this field. Your gpa does not solely define you, and you can do this!! If if you have any questions let me know—I joined this site for the sole purpose of giving grad school advice because I wish I would have had some going into the whole application process. Good luck!!
  5. I’ve always just given a supervisor a card with something along the lines of “thank you for all of your help this semester—I’ve learned a lot” and include a $5-$10 Starbucks card (because who doesn’t like Starbucks?!). I always make sure to do this after the semester is over and grades are in, because like you said, you don’t want to make things awkward.
  6. I agree—it usually depends on the class as some profs don’t allow laptops/devices out in class. Otherwise I do a combo of colored pens and paper along with notes on PowerPoints. I also recommend recording class sessions if you can—sometimes it’s nice to listen back through class sessions if you missed something or when you’re studying.
  7. Cleveland State is notoriously awful at getting back to applicants no matter if you're in, on the waitlist, or rejected. Last year at least, they took until early May to let me know I was on their waitlist--luckily by that time I had already accepted an offer.
  8. Yeah, I second this--only apply to schools you can actually see yourself at. I went application crazy and applied to at least 3 schools I couldn't really see myself going to--waste of money.
  9. I didn't hear from Marshall until April of last year, hope it's not as late to hear back from them this year for you!
  10. I didn't have one at my school--some schools do and some don't.
  11. From what I remember, it's the GPA and transcript verification process that takes so long, not the application. Get your transcripts and test scores sent early to programs that need it and DEFINITELY fill out your transcript stuff on the CSDCAS and send in your transcript to them a month before your first deadline--they take a while to verify everything.
  12. Lol, C's truly do get degrees. I literally failed a class and ended up getting 3 C's in undergrad and got into grad school. You can def get in somewhere with C's on your transcript, you just need to address your grades somewhere in your personal statement (what you've learned from those grades, how you've improved). You can do this, don't let a few C's hold you back. Good luck!
  13. Can confirm on the Ball State thing--have heard that A LOT from people in their program.
  14. From my experience, there are some schools that really care and require you to have them when you apply, others that want you to take it before you start there, others that have you take them while in their program, and others that do not care at all. I recommend calling each school you're interested and ask them where they stand on required prerequisites--that's what I did last year. You can make a list of what school needs what and then determine if you need to take anything or not.
  15. I applied to 11 schools and got waitlisted at 2, and then accepted into 1. I don't regret at all applying to a lot of schools! Also you need to remember that waitlists are NOT a rejection--as long as you stay in contact with the school, you can show that you're genuinely interested in their program. Good luck!
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