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  1. Hi everyone, Just wondering how long it took your letters of recommendation to be completed from the time you requested them? I'm sort of worried because two faculty members agreed to write my letters and once I requested them through CSDCAS, one letter was completed right away and the other one still says "requested". It's only been like 3 days since I requested so it's probably not a big deal but I thought I'd ask on here anyway! Thanks!!
  2. Hi, Just wondering if anyone can give me a rundown of how you organized your personal statement? I can't figure out which information to put where! Thanks!!
  3. Hi, I am considering applying to Cleveland State but it's still the only school I haven't finalized on my list. If there's anyone who is attending there or knows anything about the program I would really appreciate any information you can give me! Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have a feeling I'm going to be waitlisted at many schools and I just wanted to know if anyone on here has been waitlisted and actually given a position at the school later on? Please let me know, I'm not sure if that happens often, or if you're waitlisted its basically like being rejected. Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, So I know that CSDCAS takes all grades and puts them into one cumulative GPA (including professional schools which makes no sense). However, my first choice grad program uses CSDCAS and also requires transcripts to be sent directly to them and another application filled out for their university. They specifically state that they don't require all transcripts, only those from undergraduate institutions. So, does anyone know if in that situation they are only going to look at GPAs from the transcripts I send instead of just CSDCAS? My GPA for professional school was very low and even though it has nothing to do with speech and doesn't include any transferrable credits or undergrad credits, it will still be counted into my overall. Let me know if you have any info on this! Thanks!!
  6. Hey everyone, I took the GRE a few weeks ago and got a 159 on the verbal section. However, my quant score isn't that high and I'm worried that my combined score will not be good enough to get into grad school (GPA is also on the lower side). So I'm planning to retake it and I've kept studying but it seems like my verbal score isn't going up. I'm hoping to raise my quant score for sure, but I'd be super happy if I could raise the verbal score too, does anyone have any advice on the best ways to study to get higher than 159? Thanks!!!
  7. Did anyone have to explain a low undergrad GPA in their statement of purpose? I did a post-bachelor program and my GPA for that is really high, but I'm freaking out because my undergrad from 4 years ago in a different field is still haunting me. How did you go about mentioning that in your essay? I'm worried that anything I say will just sound like I'm making excuses, even though I do have legitimate reasons and circumstances for the low grades in the past. Any help is appreciated!
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