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  1. You need at least 100 public school hrs for Mass so just keep that in mind. Wherever you go to grad school will help you with that.
  2. Unfortunately, I don't think there are any schools that don't look at GPA. Most schools have a cut off. You don't have to have a perfect GPA to get in though!
  3. I had taken it for a second time end of November and had no issue getting my scores in on time.
  4. I got in first try with that GPA! Dont give up!
  5. I found the only thing that helped me was the Kaplan class. It was expensive, but helped. Also you can get financial aid for it.
  6. I wish I had done the GRE while it was still summer rather than doing it while taking classes. I would suggest taking this last month and really prepping for it.
  7. I know Concordia University - Wisconsin is less competitive because its brand new. The first class is just starting this year.
  8. I really don't know much about the program, but I got an email that they are still accepting applications for Fall 2019 hopefully this helps someone!
  9. I am attending Abilene Christian University and had a 3.4 overall and a 3.6 major GPA 🙂
  10. I tried Magoosh, but found it not super helpful. I ended up going through Kaplan it was super expensive, but the teachers were really helpful!
  11. My first semester I was a pharmacy major and finished my first semester with a 2.5 GPA I had a C in bio and a C in chem my advisor told me not to bother switching into CMD because I would never make it in, but I did not listen and I worked really hard. I brought my GPA upto a 3.4 by the time I was applying. It was not perfect, but it got me into 3 graduate schools and waitlisted at another one. I also decided to retake bio and chem because a lot of schools require at least a B In these courses. All the schools that interviewed me were really impressed that I was taking them again and I had already gotten my first exams back and had done really well so I was able to use these to show how I have grown as a student because grad school is a lot more demanding. I also did A LOT of internships and even had a SLP that had known me well write me a letter. So if is something you really care about DON'T GIVE UP just work that much harder to show yourself and them how much you have grown since that first bad GPA
  12. I had a couple Cs on my transcript (Bio & chem yuck) and I was accepted to 3 schools. I did not get any C in CMD courses
  13. I was just accepted to the school I was set on the whole application process after being waitlisted, but i've had in my head now that I'm going to Concordia University - Wisconsin in the fall. One is cheaper by about 10K for the whole program. Concordia I would also be their first class, but I love the faculty research interest. I dont know what to do
  14. I declined Rocky Mountain University, Unfortunately the program is super costly.
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