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  1. Actually, observation hours do not roll over into clinical clock hours (though that would be great!). Clinical clock hours only relate to direct client contact with a supervisor and the stipulations are a bit more strict.
  2. That would be amazing! It's like a school uniform, you can't judge someone on their outfit/price of outfit. It isn't the norm at the schools I've been to, though.
  3. That's great to hear. I've always wondered how graduate students afford to look nice and wear clinic clothes for (sometimes) 4 days out of the week with no income. I'm worried about it.
  4. I subscribed! Very excited to listen, but I'm not going to lie, reading "I wish I had an idea of what I was getting myself into", as an incoming 1st year grad student really scares me...
  5. I know exactly what you mean...I was accepted to my top choice school (which is also semi-highly ranked) and while the first emotion was feeling very proud because I worked soo hard to get in, the feelings of self-doubt have started to kick in.. I wonder if I can maintain their expectations of me and actually handle the program. It is so intimidating! I just wonder how I am going to have time to do everything. The fear of making a fool out of myself while being observed during a clinic is real! I'm right there with you. Thank you for posting this!! I'm going to look at it and really try to apply it.
  6. Just to follow up, I ended up getting an interview and being waitlisted at this school that I messed up the word limit for! Just in case any other fools make the same mistake and are looking for hope
  7. It's hard on this forum (and in the results section) because the people that were accepted are obviously going to be more vocal than those that were denied/waitlisted, so it makes it looks like you are alone. Don't worry, though, you are seriously not alone! I am tired of the anxious waiting and I have the same fear about returning to school and dealing with (ugh) pity. We're in this together!
  8. My sister was in the program at UW and said 2 students were accepted off of the waitlist. I know U of O accepted 2 students off of their waitlist last year.
  9. I had the same situation last year and asked about deferring; they stated this is not an option for speech pathology master's programs. It is usually just for undergrad due to the nature of the program.
  10. It was a letter limit. The difference came out to about 3 sentences.
  11. Question: Stupidly, I realized I was looking at the wrong line in the word count screen in Microsoft Word when writing my personal statement. I was looking at the number of characters (without spaces) instead of (with spaces). This meant I accidentally went over the limit by about 500 characters. I turned it in a month ago. Do you think they will notice this and automatically toss my application?
  12. Replying to this because it is semi-related. Did you guys include non-relevant work experience in the "Employment" section of CSDCAS?
  13. This is seriously good advice. The application pool is filled with people who were stressed out and patted themselves on the back after finding this career in Google search results. Admissions committees can see through this, so make sure you take the steps to show them you are serious about this change. If you are applying for a 3-year program (which you will most likely need to if you have no prerequisites), maybe just take one course for yourself or volunteer in a relevant setting to help you get some clarity about the field and which direction you would like to take it. Good luck with everything!
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