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  1. I am required to enroll(?), as my graduate school says, in the Statewide Central Register Database and Staff Exclusion List but I looked online and wasn't sure what I was supposed to do. Does this mean I need to do a check? If anybody has done this before/ knows what these are, can you please clarify for me? Thanks!
  2. Yeah, mine changed to "contact us regarding your application blah blah".
  3. I’m not sure about the programs you listed but coming from NY where they (apparently) have some of the most competitive programs, I was accepted to 3 out of only 7 despite my GRE scores both below 150. My overall GPA was almost a 3.7 so I’m similar to you but did have some work & volunteer experience working with both children and geriatric but not too many experiences. So overall, GPA and GRE aren’t everything but don’t forget to check edfind. Just show your passion in your personal statement and try to get strong letters. Best of luck!
  4. Finally got a letter in the mail on Friday dated 4/24 saying I was rejected.. this was one of the worst and most ridiculous waits. Hope you hear back with good news soon!
  5. I never emailed them cause I figured I would get the same response but I submitted my app in Jan and still no news.. I committed to somewhere else but I just want an answer cause I spent or rather wasted my time writing an essay and paying the fee to hear nothing. I find this ridiculous and unprofessional
  6. Hi! Sorry this isn't answering your question but I also got off the waitlist from Hofstra and I remember the person telling me about 70 hours to do something but I was too excited that I forgot what she was talking about.. Do you remember what that 70 hours was talking about? I received an email only stating that I will receive my official letter in 7-10 days but did you hear anything about a deposit? Thanks in advance and congrats! I would be torn between the 2 as well because I went to LIU for an interview and the program seemed great!
  7. Just got off my top choice (Hofstra) and beyond excited and grateful! I was ready to give up and look into jobs after seeing yesterday’s results page and not receiving a call but there is hope! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!
  8. It was an email telling me that I was waitlisted and I were to reply saying whether I wanted to remain on the list or not and all I said was I wanted to remain on it so I was wondering whether if me saying how I feel like this school is a fit for me and I am 100% likely to attend if accepted then it would give a greater chance of being picked but idk .. maybe not cause they might just go by a rank or something. But I already emailed them the day I received my email (cause I’m desperate) and today was the last day to confirm my intent in remaining on the list so I don’t want to be annoying and
  9. Congrats! Did you tell them you were likely to accept in the initial notification or when you heard acceptance from the waitlist? (sorry if i misunderstood) cause I didn’t mention any of that in my email so I hope that doesn’t affect my chances of being accepted .. Although it’s a different school, do you think I should email them again about my interest? Thanks in advance
  10. Same with the “what if the class is full” anxiety but hopefully waiting to hear back with some good news sometime soon from Hofstra which is my top choice ?? (although they never mentioned anything about my rank on the list except that if I don’t hear back by August, it means a No.) Best of luck to us all !!
  11. Me! From Post (interviewed in Feb though) and St John’s ... so tired of waiting
  12. I finally heard back from Hofstra and accepted my spot on the wait list. Does anybody know anything about the chances of getting off their wait list or how many acceptances they usually offer?
  13. Still waiting on Hofstra, St. John's , and LIU Post (interviewed with them in Feb though )
  14. I've only been rejected to 1/4 schools and haven't heard back from the other 3 so I'm guessing it's not a good sign ... So good luck to all of us !!!
  15. Is anyone still waiting to hear back from St John’s and Hofstra? I also interview at Post in Feb. and still haven’t heard back so I’m guessing it’s bad news... Do you think I should email them?
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