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  1. Hofstra University Facebook group! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2078390379073824/
  2. @slpgrad620 Thanks! Congrats to you too!! Yeah, the woman told me I have until Thursday at noon to put down the deposit. i did not receive the email on how to put down the deposit yet, but I received another email stating this: "I just wanted to follow up our phone call to you with an email. We are happy to offer you a spot in our Graduate Speech-Language Pathology Program starting in Fall 2018. You will be receiving an email shortly from Graduate Admissions with instructions for accepting or declining our offer by 4/19/2018 at 12:00pm. In addition, when you do know you
  3. Hello everyone! Two weeks ago I received an email notifying me that I was wait listed at Hofstra for the speech pathology program. I was pretty upset because this was my first choice, but I also really liked LIU Post's program. I started looking into post more- i even met with my graduate advisor and set up my schedule, went to admitted students day, and spoke with a bunch of graduate students. Everyone I spoke to had mostly positive things to say about the program and the professors. Therefore, i was very happy with my second choice...then today i received a phone call from Hofstra tell
  4. I declined my seat at Molloy College, Adelphi, St. Johns university, and took myself off the wait list for sacred heart.
  5. @slpinthemaking12 Hi! when did you hear back from Brooklyn and was it an email??
  6. Hi! So there are two woman who do the interviews.. I had Mrs. Newman. She was very laid back and easy to talk to. She told me right from the beginning that it was a blind interview and she knew nothing about me. She asked me to tell her about myself- try to mention everything you can think of... All of your experience, observations, work, clubs, ....any experiences you have within the field that makes you stand out! Then she based her questions off of my experiences and asked me about clients and work. (again this was not intimidating at all and was very much like a conversation). Towards the
  7. Hi did you interview at brooklyn last thursday at 2pm?? I was in that group!
  8. My first choice is Hofstra, but I haven't heard anything from them yet... I heard they start sending out acceptances/rejections around 3/15. Then after that I am pretty conflicted between LIU Post, St. John's, and Molloy. What schools have you applied to and what are your top schools?!
  9. Thank you! I was just wondering about the pros/cons of their program, how prepared the students felt after graduating and if they were happy with their decision to go there, the populations they treat in-house, and the organization of the program..... Anything you know about the program would be helpful and much appreciated! Thanks again
  10. Does anyone have any info. about St. John's master program?? I haven't heard anything about it and do not know anyone who goes there!
  11. Hi! I received my acceptance from St. Johns yesterday (3/5) at 12:53 pm! Best of luck! Oh and I applied around 1/25
  12. Also, has anyone interviewed at Brooklyn College yet? I am really nervous for that one! Any advice would be appreciated!!
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