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  1. Hunter College facebook group is called "Hunter Speech Pathology Master's 2018-2020"
  2. Does anyone know if there is a page for Hunter College!?
  3. Hi! I don’t have an answer regarding your question (so sorry!) but was just wondering when you interviewed with Queens? I’m still waiting for a response after my interview and want to know if they’ve already called all accepted students or if it’s based on when you had an interview. Thank you!
  4. For those who were accepted into Queens today, when did you interview? I'm trying to figure out if they called everyone today, or if they are calling on a rolling basis based on interview dates. I interviewed 3/9 and haven't heard anything yet and am starting to get a little nervous!
  5. Hi! I actually interviewed there at 11 on Thursday!
  6. I completely agree. I loved the faculty and grad students I met though but I also didn’t feel like I got a chance to show them who I really was because they hardly asked any questions, which I was kind of disapppointed/surprised at. Anyway, still nervous to hear back, but hope we do soon! I’m also waiting on queens college after interviewing there so fingers crossed, as this would be my top choice. Good luck to all!!!
  7. Hi! I had my interview today-it was a group interview with 4-5 other candidates. They only really asked to tell them about yourself. We then had to solve a puzzle together and find a solution to a conflict. I think this was to determine how you work in a group setting. The last part was a writing sample describing yourself. Hope this helps and good luck!
  8. Does anyone have an interview in the NYC area tomorrow? I have mine with Brooklyn College and am worried it will need to be rescheduled due to the snow storm! I just want to get it over with already!!! ahhh the anxiety builds
  9. I haven’t heard back either yet but when I called admissions last week they said my application was still under review, so I think they’re sending acceptances out in waves.
  10. Did anyone interview at CUNY Queens or Brooklyn College yet and can share their experiences? So nervous!
  11. My interview with Brooklyn college is also on the 8th ahhh so nervous but best of luck everyone!!
  12. Hi! I was notified by Hunter on 2/20 via email. I submitted my application on 1/18. They should be sending out another round of interviews soon, I believe they come in waves. I have a 3.8 gpa and 155 Q 157 V and 5 on writing. Good luck!!!
  13. I also have an interview with CUNY Brooklyn in a week and a half, and am so nervous about the writing sample! I don’t know what to expect. I feel like it’ll be in response to a prompt about ourselves but honestly I have no idea.. I’m hoping for the best. Good luck!! In addition to Brooklyn college, I also have interviews at CUNY Queens and Hunter. I’m still waiting to hear from Adelphi, Hofstra, NYU, and St. John’s. The anticipation is killing me!!!
  14. Hi! I’ve heard Queens College conducts group interviews, although the woman I spoke to didn’t mention anything about it being in a group setting. Does anyone know if they are conducting group interviews this year? I’m extremely nervous as this is my top choice and first interview, does anyone have any preparation tips/insight on what I can expect?! Any advice is greatly appreciated
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