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  1. Made one for Queens College: Queens College Speech-Language Pathology Class of 2020 https://www.facebook.com/groups/1753867988007064/
  2. Hey! So I had my interview at the end of Feb -- I believe that it was on the 26th. I hope that you hear back from them tomorrow or later on this week! Good luck
  3. Hello grad cafe! I've narrowed down my acceptance decisions to these 3 programs: CUNY Queens College, Hofstra University, and Molloy College. I really LOVED Molloy's clinic and how involved they are with their students. Their instrumentation emphasis is a major attraction for me since I would like to work in a medical setting and with swallowing disorders. I also know that Hofstra has affiliations with Northwell and Lenox hospitals on the island. I am overly ecstatic about my acceptance to QC, but I believe that they are more school-based than the other programs. I will
  4. Hey guys-- I was actually verified a few days after posting my post. So don't despair! They told me to wait 2 weeks, but I was verified about 2 days later.
  5. Hey guys-- I wouldn't recommend the professional transcript entry. You have to wait on them to input all of the information, and they make mistake that you have to look out for (which can take a day or two to correct). I paid for it and regret it because I've been waiting so long to hear back on them in regards to the professional transcript entry and I could have used that time be verified (if I did it myself). I was careful about making sure that all of my documents were there on time, but the professional transcript entry has caused more anxiety than relief haha. I should be okay-- but
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