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  1. Hmm. I did initially consider going the 3-year masters route because it seemed more efficient. I chose to do the UW postbac because I really wanted to stay in Seattle. I appreciated that UW gave me a comprehensive background in speech & hearing science so that I'd feel extremely prepared wherever I wound up for grad school. But if they had had a 3-year option, I would have been thrilled to skip the stress of applying for the masters program!! 😂 I guess my advice would be, don't choose a 3-year program at a school you don't love just to save yourself the hassle of more applications in
  2. A lot of people get in off the waitlist! (I think there are at least 5-7 in our current cohort.) If you can swing the plane ticket, come check it out and demonstrate your continued interest.
  3. Congrats! :) I applied for grad school right away, as did at least half of my postbac cohort. Your point is a good one though, and I was definitely stressed about having so little time to make an impression. The thing is, it’s anxiety-inducing for the students, but it’s totally normal for the faculty because the postbacs are in that position every year. If you’re engaged in your coursework, research, volunteering, etc., faculty members will get to know you quickly enough to write a good letter on your behalf. I’m pretty sure everyone in my cohort who wanted to go straight through to grad schoo
  4. Hi @mangomaddness73 (and anyone else who might find it helpful) -- I'm currently a first year in the CoreSLP program, and I'd be happy to answer any questions about the program, UW, Seattle, etc.! If I don't know the answers, I'll find someone who does. Feel free to ask here so everyone can benefit from the info, or to message me privately if you'd prefer! Congrats, and happy Friday!
  5. @imunsterThanks! I'm in the postbac this year, so I'm already there... sort of. ? Whole new level of UW, coming this September!
  6. I already had a masters degree in another field, and I definitely used those classes to calculate my last 90 credits GPA, etc. I agree with the previous poster, that it helps prove that you can succeed in grad school.
  7. A friend of mine did online CSD classes through LaSalle and was accepted to something like 7 schools. (She goes to Pitt now!)
  8. I'm probably going to overlap with some of the good advice that others have already given, but here are my two cents. I also came to SLP Land from outside the field, so I had to decide between doing a postbac and applying for 3 year masters programs. Initially, 3 year masters programs were the obvious choice, because they come with a guarantee of a masters degree. Very shortly after I started researching those programs, though, I fell in love with a guy who was geographically bound to Seattle. It seemed against "the rules of feminism" (thanks, Gretchen Wieners) to make such an important life c
  9. I'm in the Core track, but I think both tracks are supposed to hear by March 23. So far I've just received my federal loan offers. I do know that they have very few scholarships to give out. Keep us posted if you hear anything!
  10. Also, there's a thread to list and/or find Facebook groups!
  11. Community colleges usually have relatively cheap online options! That's what I did for mine and I highly recommend it.
  12. Congrats on your acceptances (and funding)! Personally, I don't think cost is everything... but it's definitely a significant factor. Does Vanderbilt have a specialty or unique placement opportunity that you wouldn't be able to get at MGH? (Voice comes to mind, but it's a bad example since both schools have a voice track haha). I'd seriously consider that component. I also think it's worth considering where you want to put down roots when you're out of school. For example, I live in Seattle and plan to keep doing so after grad school, so I looked at the places I want to work in this area, and
  13. Just started one for UW Seattle (Core & Med)! https://www.facebook.com/groups/261431784395786
  14. It's definitely on the early side, but I figured I might as well start the 2018 version of this thread! (I was just procrastinating studying for finals searching for a Facebook group for my chosen program, and I found last year's version of this post.) Definitely more efficient than scanning the Results page, etc. If you create a group, please post a link here! When others commit to a school, they can find the groups here. Congrats to everyone, and best of luck to all those still waiting and/or deciding!
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