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  1. I'll be there! Feel free to message me if you want details/impressions.
  2. Hi @Ari127! I was in a similar position last year (down to the long-distance relationship between Washington and California!) so I thought I'd share my experience. In last year's application cycle, I applied and was admitted to only two programs, the University of Washington postbacc and a not-as-fabulous 3-year master's program at a California state school. I was torn between just putting my head down and getting the 3-year degree or using the postbacc as a jumping-off point to get into higher-ranked programs in locations I'd love. Although I could have attended the CSU for a cheaper co
  3. That's a relief to hear! I'll definitely be asking more questions about this when I attend the open house next week. Thank you for all this great information!
  4. Thank you so much for your response! Just one more question-- is the bilingual extension reserved for only Spanish speakers? I have a degree in German and I speak it fluently, but I'm not sure if there's much of a demand for German SLPs. I also fear that I'm not "fluent enough" to earn the certification, as I'm not a native speaker, so I didn't try applying under the bilingual program. Would you happen to know if any of your classmates shared this concern? Thanks!
  5. Hi @zurako! I’ve found it really difficult to pin down accurate information on TC, so I’d be SO appreciative if you could answer a few of my questions! Thank you!! 1. Would you say that the school is fairly research-based? I’m interested in pursuing research and I’m wondering how many students participate in the labs in the department/if research is emphasized as part of the TC experience. Do you know if there are any paid research positions available, or is it strictly volunteer-based? 2. Where do most of your cohort members live? I know I could save some money on tuition by
  6. Hi! I just received my acceptance earlier this evening! I had a jam-packed resume and strong personal statement, and my GPA for my last 90 credits was 3.85. I haven't heard any information about the TC waitlist, but don't give up hope! Best of luck to everyone.
  7. Wow, that makes me feel a lot better knowing that I'm not the only applicant having issues with this school! It seems like a lot of the CSUs have super confusing applications/unresponsive staff, which is kind of alarming... And thanks for all the great info, speechie72! However, I just got accepted somewhere else closer to home so I emailed SFSU to tell them I won't be attending their interview after all. Hopefully that helps someone else out! Glad to hear you're enjoying SFSU-- the city and campus are really beautiful
  8. Hi guys! Just curious about your thoughts on San Francisco State's program, because I feel like I've only run into problems with their department and I'm wondering if I'm not the only one. Here goes... Since applying to SFSU's program in mid December, I've received six emails informing me that my undergraduate transcripts for two of my universities have not yet arrived. I've now paid $40 to send three separate copies of my transcripts to the graduate studies department, both in electronic and paper formats, and I have sent five emails to different people asking if there is anything I
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