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  1. me! I'm still waiting to hear back
  2. When is the deposit due for TC? April 15th?
  3. CONGRATS ON YOUR ACCEPTANCES!!! are you planning on attending??
  4. Hey guys, I was just waitlisted from TC, Columbia University. Figured I'd start this threat so people can post whether they've been accepted, waitlisted, or rejected. Or if you've been accepted and you're planning to reject your offer? Also, does anyone know how likely it is to get off the waitlist? GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!!
  5. 966179

    What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    ahhhh I'm so anxious! I'm been obsessively checking the portal too, but I'm glad we'll finally hear back today GOOD LUCK TO YOU TOO!!!
  6. 966179

    What Schools Are You Waiting On!?

    just Teachers College, Columbia University now. does anyone have an idea of when we'll hear back? last year it was the 21st of March I think, so I assume either today or tomorrow?
  7. 966179

    MGH Acceptance

    Hi Guys, I was accepted to MGH. I was just wondering if anyone had any off campus housing recommendations in the Boston area, not too far from campus? I'd like something within walking distance. I won't be driving.

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