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  1. In the same boat, wish I had any advice because I am so thoroughly confused ha
  2. That's a good point... I'm thinking a more prestigious name may only be more helpful in terms of the type of network that then becomes available to you.I'm being told that in my case, Columbia will have the better network of professionals so that's something I'm considering as well.
  3. Thank you! NYU gave me more money but literally everyone is telling me I'm crazy for not immediately choosing Columbia... I'm not sure that they can look past the Ivy name so I'm wondering if it future employers are like that too
  4. I know this is a good problem to have but I am having a hard time deciding between New York University and Columbia... I have visited both and love both. The programs seem very similar and I'm sure clinical experiences are very similar as well. Does anyone have any thoughts or insight? Please help me haha
  5. I got accepted yesterday too! Don't lose hope if you were waitlisted, I heard that waitlisted students very often times end up getting in! I am struggling to choose between NYU and Columbia now... both good programs which doesn't make it any easier. Anyone else in this position?
  6. Hi! So I visited NYU today for the admitted students day and LOVED it! The campus is not as spread out as originally thought, the facilities are new, the faculty are down to earth and nurturing, and all of the other accepted students and I got along right away. Definitely makes me feel confident in my decision! I haven't visited Montclair, Seton Hall, or Kean, but I do know that Montclair students are very happy and they too have a beautiful new clinic facility. Seton Hall does not have a clinic but will be getting one in Nutley, NJ. I think between the three, Montclair has the best program re
  7. Do any NY schools have a FB group yet?? I'm always trying to find some and guess what they could be called but this is definitely way more efficient...
  8. Does anyone know anything about NYU or NYMC? I have deposits in both and after visiting NYMC, am leaning towards NYU but it still feels strange denying good programs and I don't want to make a mistake... I'm interested in medical SLP, specifically pediatric dysphagia but both programs seem to have that despite NYMC being known to be medically focused...any insight? Applied: New York University, New York Medical College, Montclair, Seton Hall, Hunter College, William Paterson, Columbia Teachers College, Kean University
  9. Haha honestly I wish I could tell you that. If I get in to Columbia, it will be VERY difficult to decide. All I know is that Columbia has more of a campus than NYU, which I personally like, and that it has the bilingual extension. Course-wise, I think they both offer around the same courses and there is opportunity to be any kind of SLP once you graduate. If I get in, I will definitely do more research so I'll update back here:)
  10. Personally, I think NYMC is more like a medical school where the speech program was thrown in as an afterthought so it is treated like an extension of the medical school. I too am not sure I want to work in a medical SLP setting so I felt that NYU gave me options to do that or work elsewhere as well. It seems that they both have medical courses that I am interested in (I specifically love dysphagia) but NYMC will approach it from a medical point of view whereas NYU more from a therapy point of view. NYU also has more of some other domains that would fall more in the school/clinic realm as wel
  11. Congrats on your acceptances! Check out my earlier reply about why i chose NYU over NYMC; although its a great school I didn't get good vibes from the campus haha to put it plainly. Montclair also has a great program and from what I heard, a new clinical facility! My friend who goes there said the cohort is very close and she loves it. I personally crossed it off of my list because I always had NYMC and NYU higher and because I am going in with an MA in Special Education, I did not want to start another MA program. I don't think you can go wrong in your choice though! You might just need to co
  12. Congrats! I was confused between NYMC and NYU for the longest time and did all kinds of research on programs, created spreadsheet to no end, etc. and found that the programs are pretty similar, even though NYMC is known for their strict medical focus more so than NYU. However, I visited NYMC one Sunday and was pretty disappointed to find that the campus was pretty small (NYMC only consists of a few buildings sandwiched between a large hospital and a prison...) and absolutely dead. Not a single student was seen outside, despite it being a beautiful sunny day, and every building was locked and d
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